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Man of Steel (2013) Loved it , 9/10

The Fast and the Furious 1.2,4 and 5, First watch for all movies
I liked the first movie * 6/10

second a lot more fun and I liked better 7/10
(I missed 3rd and went to number 4, which I enjoyed even more then first 2 8/10

and the number 5 was really good and I loved the twist at the end but I did not think it was fun as number 4.

Fun series

************************************************** **********************8
Now horror

House at the End of the Street (2012)

One reason I have seen this movie early was cause of title of the movie but I have had it on my watch list for a bit and I was recommend this movie 3 days ago.

So gave this movie watch and first set go, I wasn't sure what actually going on, It didn't really make sense of it, while trying figuring it out, I thought I might missed something at start.

As the movie goes on the movies get way to predicable and some stuff in this movie was just waist of time.

I felt most of the movie very boring and I just not connect with any one and I should sorry for girl, who seem to be nasty person.

I actually felt sorry for the killer in this movie, well they gave him a little bit of back story to him.

After the movie ended, I was actually still waiting something to happen in this movie,

Watch-able movie but it id very weak pacing which make the movie uninteresting and at end of the movie you will feel humdrum, I know I did.

The acting was really decent from the whole, it shame about rest of the movie.

3 out of 10

Would You Rather (2012)

First part of them movie is about Iris who as a sick brother and ends unknowingly agrees to compete in a deadly game of "Would You Rather," hosted by a sadistic aristocrat.

Not bad movie but it not a great movie either, is just the Average at

I not sure what to make of this movie, well it was not boring, it was
tad predicable, how I could tell who going to be last one left from the

I didn't like the ending twist, also so so that coming.

I was still intruded how they were going to do torture scene some
scenes did look really pain full in this movie and one nasty.

Some of other seem a bit tame, this movie could have not more exacting

It's a bad movie, it has it good and bad faults and the acting I found it better then I thought it would be.

I going to give this movie 5 out of 10 rather then 4 or 6 out of 10 :p

I did see the trailer before seeing this movie,, which made movie a
little bit better then it is.

No One Lives (2012)

I didn't even know about this movie until this week, Saw trailer and looked great.

A gang of thugs who end up messing with the wrong person, as the person they kidnapped turn out to be a Psychopath.

Wow this movie actually flew by, it really well paced and never gets boring at all, I was actually clued to the screen most of the movie.

There one moment in the movie, that stick with me for few hours after the movie, gross but also in away It was kind of funny.

I loved some of death scenes in this movie, some of were very gruesomely gory at time.

The weakest part of this movie is the acting from most of the cast were not that good and dose effect some scenes in this movie but don't let that get in away.

The rest of the movie is a lot of fun

Great Slasher 8 out of 10

Detention of the Dead (2012) Not that bad a bit better then I thought it would be.

This movie mixed of Detention meet Dance of the Dead ,

The movie dose not take to long to get going and there are some very funny moment that made
me laugh out loud.

He got normal dentenion group, Jock guys, hot cheerleader, goth girl, Drug guy and Nerd guy all
in Detention.

Also guys come to seem to feel unwell and then hell break lose of cause

There were some silly over the tops here and there and some of the jokes can go on bit long, but it got laughing.

Some part of the movie are little boring for zombie there, Didn't really do much and sit and talk few room, which I could not case less about.

It did start bit gory but as the movie went the zombie deaths seem to less bloody not really really that gory.

I give 4.8 out of 10, It made laugh,, I just round it's off to 5 out of 10
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Dead Before Dawn (2012 )

I didn't not expect that at all, I found this movie very funny a bit to funny and I laughing number of times this movie, yes some of it seem silly at times but very funny.

I loved the plots of the movie, great idea spoof Zombie and Demon

The plot: a group of kids unleash a horrible zombie-demon ("zemon") curse on a small town. Everyone who makes eye contact with the kids kills themselves and comes back as a zemon, bent on killing the kids by giving them hickeys

It; was really fun and very enjoyable fast moving movie and really enjoyed how come people kill them self in this movie before they turn into Zemons.

Some of kills scenes is movie were very funny in this movie and there few splatters moment in this movie aswell but I think could done more gory deaths thought then they were.

The acting was really decent, It hard to tell if they pretend to play dump in some scene.

I wasn't really happy how the movie came to a end, it kind of feel bit cheated by and in the last scene of the movie is very predicable

I enjoyed most of the movie before the 10 minutes I may i rated higher but it still get decent 6 out of 10
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The Avengers
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Didn't hate it but the lead actor was terrible

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I watched the following films a couple of nights ago (two for the first time, the others I have seen before) By the way, I will only review the films I have not seen before:

Hatchet (first time): 8/10 I thought it was funny and I definitely liked all the references to the slashers of the 1980s. For example, the killer, Victor Crowley, was a mongoloid who died by being burnt to death-an obvious fusion of Jason and Freddy. Plus, the cameos by three slasher legends Robert Englund (as a fisherman), Kane Hodder (as the killer), and Tony Todd (as a Vodoo tour guide). I thought that the ending was, whether intentional or not, a little empty. With the exception of the ending, this is an all-around good movie I would say.

Mama (first time) 8/10: I thought this film was really good. It had a really good story and was very effective at building suspense. Additionally, it featured some really good performances, especially Jessica Chastain and the two little girls (the younger girl was actually, in my opinion, scarier than the ghost). The two major flaws of this movie were one the ghost of Mama because she herself was not really that scary looking. I think the movie would have been much better off if they had not shown her as much. Second, I think the climax could have been better, the film was relatively intense and scary, then at the end it abruptly changes and it feels as though we are watching Ghost (1990). It was not a bad climax, but it just seemed out of place for a movie like this. Overall though, a really good movie for the reasons I described above.

Clive Barker's Hellraiser (I have seen many times before): 10/10

The Blair Witch Project (I have seen this several times before): 10/10

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Mirrormask. It's made by Jim Henson's production company and written by Neil Gaiman. It's reminiscent of those epic 80s fantasy movies like Labyrinth.
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Video Nasties: The Definitive Guide

A wonderful documentary detailing the politics behind the "video nasties" ordeal in Brittain in the 1980's.

"...but you owe me more than fear, Mr. Lounds...you owe me AWE..."- Francis Dolarhyde

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Zombieland (2009): 10/10

I thought this film was one of the most brilliant horror comedies I have ever seen. It was interesting because it was very much a zombie film, while also managing to be quite funny. I especially like how this film was able to mix drama/seriousness with this humor. It was an interesting fusion. In my opinion, all the characters were very likeable and I could identify with them, especially Columbus as played by Jesse Eisenberg. Tallahassee as played by Woody Harrelson was the next best character. On that note, the roles were very well played and I actually felt for the characters. This film had a very human aspect to it. To the top it off, there is a great cameo from actor Bill Murray who played himself. On this note there is one other thing, however minor, that I loved which was the many pop culture references including, Hannah Montana, Twinkies, Ghostbusters, Titanic, Mountain Dew, Anaconda being just some of the references that were made throughout the film. It might be minor, but it made the world of the film seem more real. Ultimately, I loved this film because I thought it was brilliantly written and directed, featured some really good acting, and was quite funny, while still being serious at times. Definitely a modern horror comedy classic.
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Originally Posted by TokyoTenshi View Post
Rose Red is a nice movie :) A bit long though.

John Carpenter's The Thing

Not so fond of alien type movies but decided to watch this anyway. It's alright. Didn't find it that scary, only when you see the disgusting 'alien' is quite creepy. Find the movie a bit too slow for my liking, and depressing. I also hate anything that involve animals, so the dogs scene were very uncomfortable for me. I would say 3 out of 5.

The Possession (2012)

Nothing new.. the kid did a good job of being possessed but didn't find it scary either. Hated the jump cuts and aerial view at the beginning. But somehow I don't feel the movie connects to me, like I couldn't care less for any of the characters. Maybe I don't like any of the actors playing.. I don't feel they have the right emotion for it.

I would say 2.5 out of 5.
I have never seen the Possession. I am surprised by your rating of The Thing. The reason I ask is that I believe that the film is brilliantly directed by John Carpenter. It has an extremely dark, scary atmosphere. Additionally, it is (intentionally or unintentionally) a comment on both the Cold War and AIDS. The acting and character development is really high-quality (despite the large number of characters involved). The story is an interesting science fiction story based on the book "Who Goes There?." It is especially interesting to see how the characters who had so trusted each other slowly descend into paranoia and fear. Of course, one must mention the special effects, which were definitely ahead of their time. The score, despite not being composed by Carpenter, is quite eerie and match the film quite well. Of course, I love both science fiction and dark movies. I would definitely give the film a 10/10. To me, it deserves at least a 9/10 or in your system at least a four out of five. You have a right to your opinion, but it just surprises me.
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Watched Hatchet 2 today. I thoroughly enjoyed the first one, so I don't know why it took me so long to see the second.

Not as good as the first one, to me, but it was definitely watchable.
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