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The Fall of Camp Blood (Friday the 13th fan film)

In July I lucked out and won an opportunity to kill as Jason in this film. The last 3 times you see Jason in the trailer that's me. I'm so excited for this film and am a huge fan of the fan films. I just thought it'd be fun to share this with you all.

Here's a link to the trailer (released yesterday on Friday the 13th):

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The Jason looks good. The trailer I'm not so sure. I know I don't like the trailer song. But I guess it's because it's modern. Usually songs in Friday the 13th I like because they are so 80s. And also kind of cheesy. The opening song in Part 8. The songs in Part 6. And a few others.

Freddy vs Jason has some good songs but that's because that movie is more Nightmare on Elm Street and fitting with that series. And the music is more of that 90s or early 2000s.
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Adam Wilson is responsible for the music of the movie and didn't do the music for the trailer so don't base the music off that. I really like the guy's taste and think it'll be an amazing fit for the film. Here's his Spotify playlist to give you an idea of what he is into:

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I kinda liked the music. Pretty sure I would like this movie. Looks great.
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