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Old 12-08-2017, 09:42 PM
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My Idea for an ALFRED movie (Batman's Butler!)

My Crazy Fan-Fiction idea for a standalone ALFRED movie:

Months ago the studio announced that there will be standalone Harley Quinn & Nightwing movies. So I was just thinking if character like Harley Quinn can get her own solo movie, then why not Batman's popular butler Alfred?!
Though there's always this safer route in making a movie about someone like Alfred Pennyworth by turning him into an adventurer or a spy/detective in his younger days but that's a pretty cliched approach nowadays, IMO. So lately tried to give it some "profound thoughts"...thinking how the hell they can make a movie about Alfred?!

So here's my outline for an ALFRED movie (somewhat fits as an elsewhere story, I guess):

(I'm not good at this, still tried to make a teaser poster)

While Batman is busy tracking down an international crime syndicate outside Gotham, the Joker & Dr. Hugo Strange secretly escapes from Arkham Asylum. As being one of the major influential players of Gotham’s crime & underworld, Joker got moles in almost everywhere in the city i.e. Police, health care, mayor office and even in news media. Through one of his moles it came to his knowledge that a Gotham Gazette reporter has recently find out about some buried secrets of Wayne family as well as his favorite foe Dark Knight’s true identity. Before releasing it to the press, the reporter decided to share it to his long time friend Commissioner Gordon. But the Joker & Strange abducts him, finds what they needed and then kills that reporter. Joker plots an evil plan as usual. With a gang full of heavy armed thugs & criminals, Joker & Strange makes an assault on Wayne Manor and eventually abducts Alfred. Then, with the required assistance from Dr. Hugo Strange, when the Joker was messing with him; at one point a hypnotized & tortured Alfred revealed a long, buried, shocking secret about himself which can raise a big question between his long & trusted relationship with Batman/Bruce Wayne.
As we know, Joker is an unpredictable master criminal; he then adds an extra twist in the matter by implanting a set of false memories/ideas into Alfred’s mind (with the help from Hugo Strange of course) as well.
Next day Alfred wakes up inside the Wayne Manor. A bruised & wounded Alfred find himself in a troubling mental state where he see himself in two contradictory & shocking set of memories that’s overlapping with each other…the first one resolves around on the idea that once he had a relationships with a woman named Jaclyn who was suffering schizophrenia. Alfred abandoned her without knowing that she was already pregnant with his child who eventually becomes the Clown Prince of Crime! And in the 2nd set of memories he finds out that he’s not only the biological father of Bruce Wayne but also the main culprit who orchestrated the killings of Bruce’s parents, Thomas & Martha Wayne, out of jealousy, frustration & deception!
Without the help from any member of Bat-family & as the times are running out, Alfred Pennyworth embarks on a journey of self discovery by walking down the memory lane and tries to join the pieces back together of all those fragmented parts of his memories in order to figure out about the actual truth…what part of this memories were real and which version of his past was fabricated by the Joker & Strange...before it’s too late to confront Master Bruce or the Joker again.

Title: Alfred - The Darkest Past

Preferred director: James Mangold
Screenplay: Nolan Brothers & James Mangold

Preferred Casts:
Jeremy Irons as Alfred Pennyworth (Present day/Old age)
Michael Fassbender as Alfred Pennyworth (Younger age)
Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Thomas Wayne
Lauren Cohan as Martha Wayne
Jake Gyllenhaal as Joker

Stanley Tucci as Hugo Strange
Jon Hamm as Bruce Wanye/Batman
J.K. Simmons as the Gotham Gazette reporter
Christina Hendricks as Jaclyn
Bryan Cranston as Commissioner Gordon

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Old 12-09-2017, 01:32 PM
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I love it! I'd see this before I saw any other batman offering. Love seeing Alfred outsmart the villains.

Funny, first time I read your plot, my eyes skipped a line, so I read, "…the first one resolves around on the idea that once he had a relationships with a woman already pregnant with his child who eventually becomes the Clown Prince of Crime!"

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Old 12-10-2017, 06:32 AM
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A horrible dilemma for Alfred either way...
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