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Evil dead inspired short film!

Hey everybody! I'm a filmmaker from New Jersey who just shot an EVIL DEAD themed short film for the company INDYMOGUL.COM, a site that shows indy filmmakers how to create cheap effects for their low budget projects. Make sure to check out this weeks build which is the EVIL DEAD SHAKY CAM, which aired yesterday at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gD45zfarp1Y and then later today OUR SHORT SHALL BE POSTED!!! Please check it out and SUBSCRIBE, COMMENT, RATE, and FAVORITE THE HELL OUT OF IT AND SUPPORT INDEPENDENT FILMMAKERS!!!



Thank you so much guys!!
Immortal Dog Productions
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You edit too much.
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Evil Dead Fan Film!

Hey everybody! Two days ago I posted a link to the build episode showing how to build the Evil Dead Shaky Cam. Well, Yesterday, the test film was released and is blowing up on youtube!!!! As of right now we are the #95 top discussed video on ALL OF YOUTUBE TODAY!!!!! If we can get your support to login to youtube and COMMENT, RATE, FAVORITE, AND SUBSCRIBE, we can actually get an EVIL DEAD themed video as one of the top videos on all of youtube for the WEEK!!!!!! This is huge!!


That's the link right there.. and if we can somehow get this link to spread around, it would be outstanding. I'm talking the front page of this website, as well as posting on any other Evil Dead or horror themed forums you may be a part of. Even posting the link on your facebook, myspace, or twitter pages!! LET'S SPREAD THE WORD ON THIS VIDEO!!!

Thanks for the support guys. My name is Chad, I'm the director of the film from IMMORTAL DOG PRODUCTIONS and I really hope you guys dig the video!!!!!!

Love and blood,
Chad Newhall
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Cool stuff Chad!

Ryan Ullman
Producer 'HAILSTORM Entertainment'
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