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Originally Posted by Anthropophagus View Post
Watched Survival a couple of weeks ago and i`m sorry to say that George should do the decent thing and retire.

Land,Diary and Survival are not in anyway in the same class as the first trilogy.
The whole feel of his later movies is nothing like the Night,Dawn and Day flics.

And why the hell is he using cgi.The old ways of fx with Savini where miles in front of any computer rubbish he now dishes out.

George,i love you but please............retire and grow old gracefully and not become a laughing stock.

George, in a interview i have recently read, considers this a different set of movies from Night - Land.

The CGI comes from pure financial reasons. He was given creative control over Diary and Survival and in that was forced to make the movies for a considerably smaller budget. While the rubber/latex effects are yes SOOO much better, they simply arent economical. It can take quite a while to set up these "Real" gags, leaving many people to stand around and do nothing while a team of special FX guys work with the effect. Thusly having someone sit in front of a computer for a couple hours and CG in an effect cost much less than what the cost of having most of the crew standing around all day for onbe shot.

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