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New member canada!

Hey guys just introducing myself been playing A lot of horror games lately and decided to join a forum for it as I am loving it. This seemed like the best one. I make youtube videos as well for fun part of the reason i've been playing so many horror games. If you are curious who I am or what I look like give my channel a look: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvf...cloFJLWSdg4Avg

Some other stuff about me: I am 25, a carpenter,been to college, my friends tell me i'm quite funny but also insightful.

As for the horror I tend to like classic horror movies (new ones do not do much for me as they feel half assed) and books if I view any horror at all. Some games I have played include Wolf Among Us, Layers of fear ( you need to play this if you are into horror games) FNAF (kinda lame I know but I like it the lore really bends your brains) and much much more That is a quickie on me I'm sure Ill see you in the books/movies/games sections I really cannot wait and I am quite excited! What kind of horror do you like? What type of media do you like to consume? I guess ill know soon Say hi :D!

Stephen king is the man!
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Hello.. : )
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I'm from Canada as well! Welcome.
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Hello & Welcome.
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Hi friends!
Who will help with the move in Canada?
I bought a new house in Toronto, now I live in North Bay. I need to transport things, some furniture in a new house. In what company it is better to appeal concerning such transportations. All that I found this Miracle Movers company. Maybe someone know about this? What can you say?

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Welcome to the forum!
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