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cleveland horror show host

I put this here because this guy was 1970s.
This is my tribute to The Ghoul (Ron Sweed.) The Ghoul is not the same as Ghoulardi. He was reviving the character, used the same costume, same corny jokes (like Froggy).

Anyway, when I got to my high school on Monday, the first thing my friend John and I would talk about was what the Ghoul did Saturday night.

The Ghoul kept me (relatively) sane in high school, overday.

Let's see...I believe that for a brief period the Ghoul was syndicated in a few other cities, because he did a sketch in which he assassinates the competing horror show hosts.
Some of the movies he showed were so bad he hardly needed to make fun of them. According to the Ghoul, his weekly budget for movies was 17 cents.
I just noticed that my keyboard has no cent symbol. When did that start?

I'm trying to remember the name of a certain movie he showed. It was made in the fifties, I think, and takes place in a castle. When we find out what the monster hiding in the castle is, it turns out to be a giant frog.
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Never heard of him. I guess every city had their own at different times.

In Chicago we had a local show called Son of Svengoolie, on Channel 32 WFLD from 1979-1986. I read it was broadcast in Philadelphia, Boston, San Francisco, and Detroit. He was comic, and performed some song parodies based on the horror movie for the evening.


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