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HDC: Darkness and Daggers - by FerretChucker

Opening credits. The camera then fades into the night sky, above the clouds. The camera shoots down through the clouds with bolts of lightning flashing past.
It's out of the clouds now and it's raining. It carries on decending until it reaches an Island, close to the mainland. There is a castle on top of a large hill in the centre of the island. The camera goes down to a path leading up to the castle with rain pouring on it. Suddenly, a horse galloping comes into view with somebody riding it.

Fade to a dimly lit room within the castle. A man is sitting on a throne in there. He has black hair and is dressed entirely in black. Two wolves are chained to his throne. Several feet in front of him is a nervous looking, young priest. The man in black talks.

The Return: Is he coming or not?

Despare: Yes sire. He will arrive tonight.

Cut to a shot of the man on the horse walking up to the castle gates. Cut back to the room.

The Return: If he doesn't turn up -

Despare: He will.

Cut back to the knight. He's wearing a full face helmet. He's walking through the castle.

The Return: How can you be sure he'll turn up. You don't even know his name.

Despare: Sire! I told you, he has a name.

The doors to the room slam open and the knight walks in.

Despare: V.

V takes off his helmet.

The Return: Ah, finally. I would advise you not to keep me waiting again.

V: And why's that?

The Return takes a small whistle from his side. He blows into it and though they can hear no sound, the chained dogs begin barking angrily and saliva drips from their mouths. Outside the window there is a loud roar and flames shoot up past the gap.

V: Shall we get down to business?

The Return: Yes. I assume you know the threat.

V: I was informed, however, are you sure about this? It seems less of a threat and more of an annoyance. Surely you could just have one of your er...pets do it.

The Return: No. This is much more difficult than that. You see...

The camera is on Despare. He is Looking down at the ground at holding his forehead. A loud beating is playing and the sound of talking is muffled. Quiet screams and cries for help are heard. The muffled sound of the room gets louder.

The Return: Priest. Priest. PRIEST.

Despare snaps back in.

Despare: Sorry Sire.

The Return: The Sword.

Despare: Ah yes.

He pulls out a piece of tattered paper and hands it to V. It has the word "Geddy" on it.

V: Geddy?

Despare: Take that piece of paper to the local blacksmith. His shop is opposite my church. It has the royal mark on it. He will know what to do.

V: I shall leave in the morning. Firstly-

The Return: You are quite mistaken. You will leave right now.

V: I work under my terms. Understand?

The Return: Let me show you something...

He rings a small bell next to him. Within seconds a young female enters the room. She is dressed as a maid.

Maid: Yes Sire?

The Return: Stand in the corner so my dogs can maul you.

V: What? No. Don't do it!

She ignores V and stands in the corner. The Return smiles.

The Return: This is what I call power. Even though this young girl knows she will be eaten alive and has never met me in person, she does as I say for fear.

V: Wait. Quick! Run! Get out of here! Don't let him do this!

She begins sobbing quietly. Tears run down her cheek. She can't be more than 15. The Return laughs to himself.

The Return: Now with this kind of power, I can do almost anything.

V: You still needed to get me in to get rid of your problem.

The Return: Yes, that particular problem is difficult. But with my pets here, getting rid of you would not be a problem. So I suggest you work on my terms.

V: Yes...Sire.

The Return laughs again and undoes his wolves chains. They sit there, quietly growling. Saliva dripping.

V: What?! I thought we came to an agreement! Let her go! I said I'd work on your terms!

The Return: Yes, you did. And you will. But I said this girl would suffer because of your defiance. And just because you've gone back on yourself, that does not mean I have to.

He brings the whistle up to his lips and blows into it. The dogs run to the girl. The camera shoots to Despare. He's looking the other way and the camera is zoomed right into his face. His eyes are closed and he has his hands over his ears. He can still hear the muffled sounds of the girl screaming as she is ripped apart by the dogs. The Return can be heard laughing while V shouts for him to stop. The beating starts again inside Despares head. It gets louder and louder and the picture fades. The end credits role with the beating still playing.

The Ferrets like it...

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Episode 2

Opening credits roll. Fade into a shot of the town. It's the same night and the rain is pouring heavily.

V: Won't this stuff let up?

Despare: What? Oh. The rain. Er...no.

V: Great. I moved into a rain forest without the forest.

Despare: Ha. Yes. Well, I must go home. I've got to do the service tomorrow.

V: You don't sound too excited.

Despare: Yes well. I'm just tired.

He waves a hand in V's direction and walks to the church.

V: Wait! What do I do now?

Despare: Go to the blacksmith's.

V: At half bloody three in the morning?

Despare ignores him and rushes off to his house next to the church. V turns to face the Blacksmiths. It looks tatty and small. He walks up to it. One of the windows is smashed. He knocks on the door. Some rumbling is heard and then the door opens. A bald man with a bushy beard and no eyes appears at the door.

V: My god. I've wandered into a childs fairytale.

Fade to a shot of the castle. The Return is in the same place. The remains of the girl are being eaten by the two dogs. The Return gets up and goes over to a cabinet. Be pulls a key from his pocket and opens it up. Inside is a slab of Rock with the letter "D" on it. He puts his hand to the concrete and feels a surge of energy. Suddenly the piece of rock begins glowing. There is a burst of light and a screeching sound. Then all goes still. The Return goes back to his seat and begins scratching his chin and smiling. He looks across at the two dogs. They've finished the girl.

The Return: Chucker, Ferret. You two are hungry today.

He reaches across and rings the bell. A young boy walks in.

Boy: Yes sire?

The Return: Would you stand in the corner for me?

Zoom out with the sounds of the boy being ripped apart and The Return laughing. In the night sky a dragon appears, flying towards the castle with a man dressed in silver, spiked metal riding it. It screeches and the screen goes black.

The Ferrets like it...

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Opening credits role. Fade into a shot of V's face. His eyes are closed and he appears to be asleep. The camera slowly zooms into his face until suddenly his eyes open wide. He gasps and looks around him. He's in a large room filled with weapons. The man with no eyes is sitting down, hammering at a sword on an anvil.

V: Ahem.

The man turns to look at him. He smiles widely. His sockets appear to have been empty for quite some time.

Man: AH! Good to see you're awake.

V: Well, you can hardly call it seeing me awake.

The man laughs loudly.

Man: Gorephobia's the name. I'm the local Blacksmith.

V: I gathered.

Gorephobia: Cheer up m'friend. It's a sunny day!

V: Erm, not to sound rude. But what the hell am I doing in this place? And I swear, when I was outside, this looked small.

Gorephobia: Ah, well that's because that bit is my 'ouse. The door leads to a hallway. The shop here is in the back. Built it myself.

V: That's nice. But er...what happened last night? I don't remember anything.

Gorephobia taps his nose and winks.

V: OH GOD! I've become the bride of Frankenstein.

Gorephobia: HAHAHAHA! No m'friend. You fainted as soon as you got to the door. I carried you out the back and let you lie here.

V is looking a bit disgusted. The smile fades from Gorephobia's face.

Gorephobia: No need to give me that look m'friend.

V: Now that was weird. How the hell did you see my face.

Gorephobia: I..er. I didn't

V slowly leans forward and throws a punch towards Gore's face. He brushes it aside.

V: HA! You can see. Now tell me how or I'll tell everyone you can see.

Gorephobia: Okay. But don't let the king know.

V: Who says I know the king?

He produces the sheet of paper with the word "Geddy" on it.

Gorephobia: You had this in your hand when you came last night.

He looks a bit sadder.

Gorephobia: It can only mean one thing. Anyway. Where were we. Ah yes! My seeing. Look here.

He points to a small amulet round his neck. There is a blue Jewel inside. A tiny black dot is whizzing around. It stops when it is pointing at V's face.

Gorephobia: The local nutcase gave it to me a week before I lost my last eye. He sees himself as a bit of a fortune teller. Maybe he is. I don't know. He told me to wear it and soon enough it would work. I had no idea what he meant.

V: But then you lost your eye and it started working. I've heard of them before. My mother used to read me a story about the blind hero. I thought they were make believe....oh, and can I ask. How does a man manage to "lose" both eyes?

Gorephobia: Ah. Well. I never was that good of a blacksmith. Bad hand eye coordination. I swung a hammer back into one. That was when I made my first sword. I lost the other one about five years ago when I was running with a knife. there's a reason mothers stop kids doing that...
Anyway, i thought my hand eye coordination was bad then, when your eye is swinging back and forth and you can't judge distance, this happens.

He holds up his hand and all the fingers are broken.

V: Okay, that's all well and good, but what about what I came here for. That Geddy thing.

Gorephobia: Yes. Yes. I knew this day would come. I just hoped I wouldn't be here when it did.

V: But now it is. Geez. Why is everybody so melodramatic?

Gorephobia: Calm down m'friend. All will be revealed

He gets up and goes over to one wall. He takes hammer off it and twists the head off. He holds it upside down and a small key falls out. He walks over to the other wall and pushes a spare anvil to the side with great ease. V notices that even though this man may not be in the greatest shape, he wouldn't want to be on the recieving end of his punch. Under the anvil is a trapdoor. He opens it with the key and walks down. V goes to follow him but befpre he can Gore walks back up. He's holding a chest. He opens it and there is a small piece of square, grey stone in it. He places his hand on the stone and it begins glowing, then it fades. He closes the trap door the places the chest upon it.

V: Will you get on with it?!

Gorephobia: Peace. Give it a second. Oh, and things may heat up.

Suddenly, a small fire appears on the floor, then another across the room. Within a few second the entire room iz ablaze. It appears to be spinning. V tries to run but finds himself frozen to the ground. The flames engulf him. Auddenly they disappear. He and Gorephobia are in the room and there is no fire. However, it has all changed. The room still has all the anvils, the weapons on the walls. Except they are all a grey/ blue rock. Everything. The floor, the ceiling. The window is gone. There is a faint dripping. Everything is freezing. Where the small chest was on the trapdoor, there is now a large chest on a square rock. Gorephobia goes over to it and open it up. He produces a great sword, with barbs all over it. The blade is the only thing in the room that isn't rock. V suddenly notices he's rock! And so is Gorephobia.

The handle of the blade is rock, with amazing designs carved into it, faces, flames, a castle. The castle on the hill. One face stands out above all. V would recognize it anywhere. Everybody knew it. The face of the devil. His horns curling up to the side of the blade.

V: Where are we?

His voice is gruff with his throat of rock.

Gorephobia: We're in the ninth circle of hell. And this sword. This is the sword of Geddy. This is the sword that will change the world. Forever.

The Ferrets like it...
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Opening credits role. Fade to an external shot of the castle. Cut to The Return, standing in a large room. There are several guards in there too. It's lit by some torches on the walls. The Return is staring at two double doors infront of him. The sound of doors and boots clinking along the stone floor can be heard coming closer. Eventually the door opens.

A man with long white hair, who is only about 25 years old, walks into the room wearing spikes metal armour, with celtic, barbed designs carved into it, and a large chain whip walks in. His eyes are cold. When he opens his mouth, his teeth can be seen to have been filed into points and his tongue cut like a snake. His face is decorated with tatoos of similar designs to those on his armour.

The Return: Greetings, Jeremiah.

Dante: Call me Dante.

His voice is cold and gruff.

The Return: I'm sorry to have called you away from your mission.

Dante: Oh, Don't worry. My Job is done. Neverending started the blaze before we left. London is burning.

The Return: I wish you wouldn't name that beast. They're just dragons.

Dante: They are like me.

The Return: They are tools.

Dante: Shut your mouth you ignorant fool.

The Return: How dare you talk to your king like that? You may currently be ruling my army but it wouldn't take much to make you disappear.

Dante whips the wall with his chain. The stones fly around the room. Several guards chance their stance.

The Return: You'll regret that.

He takes out the whistle and blows into it. The two wolves, Ferret and Chucker, run to his side.

The Return: Understand?

Dante: I think it's you who doesn't understand.

he kneels down and looks at the two dogs. They run to him. He startsstroking them and looks up at The return, smiling maliciously.

The Return: Shall we cut this madness and get down to business.

Dante: I think it would be a good idea.

They walk over to a long table and sit down.

The Return: It's happening.

Dante: What?

The Return: The walls. They're singing again.

Dante: Fuck. What action have you taken so far?

The Return: That fool. The priest. He got word to an up and coming "warrior".

He delivers the word with hate

Dante: And the sword?

The Return: Getting it now. I can feel it. The castle chilled. It feels the connection.

He looks around the blue/ grey stone walls.

Dante: Pray tell, who's the culprit responsible for bringing this about?

The Return: That warlock. The one who lives in the hills. His house is by the entrance to the mouth and so he's been going in. Rounding them up. Giving them hope.

Dante: Shit.

Guard: Stop using that language in the presence of the king.

Dante slowly turns around and glares at the guard. He's young and seems to have suddenly lost the nerve he just got.

Dante: What?

Guard: I sai-I said...To stop using the...the language. Royalty is...here.

He gulps. Dante smiles then whistles. Immediately, the two wolves jump on the guard and begin tearing at him.

The Return: You do not have the authority to do that.

Dante: So. It's happening. You've got the fool to kill that warlock. Why the hell did you call me here?

The Return: They're too powerful by now. It's worse than I thought. I sent a small group of men that way but they couldn't get into the mouth. They've put up the gate. They've done it so quickly I didn't notice.

Dante: You fool. You should have called me sooner.

The Return: SILENCE! After that, V, kills the warlock it will weaken them, but not enough. They will swarm the castle in a mad rush. I need the army ready. It's only a matter of days.

Dante: I understand.

He nods. Nothing is said but Dante gets up and walks to the door.

The Return: Dante!

Dante turns around. The Return is standing up. He's smiling. He blows the whistle and the dogs run to him.

The Return: Hmmm. Let me think. The bitch might be useful so...Ferret. Come here boy.

The wolf plods closer.

Dante: What are you doing?

The Return pulls out a small, jewel encrusted dagger. He smiles as he curls his hand around the dogs neck.

Dante: Don't you dare!

The Return: Ha.

In a swift movement he brings his arm across the dogs neck. The dog lets out a small yelp and then a trail of red appears on the white fur of the dogs neck. Ferret falls to the floor, dead. Chucker runs over to him and starts sniffing him and patting him with her paw. She lets out some small yelps then looks up and lets out a howl. The Return laughs.

Dante: You'll regret that...

Dante swings around and walks back out the door, whipping at the wall.

The Ferrets like it...

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Opening credits role. Fade to a shot of the blacksmiths. The windows are pitch black. Suddenly, flames appear and then, the windows are clear again. Fade to an inside shot. V and Gorephobia are in there. Gorephobia is holding the sword.

V: Do you mind telling me what the hell that was?

Gorephobia: You just said it. Hell.

V: I don't need this. I really don't. This shit is unreal. I'm used to fighting thieves and stuff like that. Now I've got Dragons, an insane king and a no eyes blacksmith taking me to hell and back!

Gorephobia: Calm down-

V: Stop telling me to calm down!

Gorephobia: For Gods sake just sit down and let me explain!

V hesitates, then sits. Gorephobia goes out of the room for a moment, then comes back holding two small bowls.

Gorephobia: Lentil soup. Made it myself. Put it on before you came in.

Most of it is spilled due to Gore's sight problem but V takes it an begins drinking.

V: This is good!

Gorephobia: Thanks. I love making soup. It relaxes me.

V: Damn decent.

Gorephobia: I always wanted to be a cook.

V: Why didn't you?

Gorephobia: My dad. He...This shop has been in my family for five generations. My dad didn't want that to stop so I could do "Womens Work".

V: Well, now he's gone, you-

Gorephobia: Gone? Where's he gone?

V: Oh. He isn't? I assumed he was...you know.

Gorephobia: No. He's pretty old though. Turned 63 last month. Oldest any body's ever got in this town.

V: Where is he?

Gorephobia: He lives upstairs. He mainly just stares at the ceiling in his bed...

The two are silent for a moment.

Gorephobia: Oh yes, the sword!

V: Yeh. And the hell.

Gorephobia: It all starts with the first king. King Geddy.

V: So that's what it means...

Gorephobia: Yeh. The story goes that he was out in the woods one day when he saw a lonely woman. She was sitting on a log. He walked over to her and when she looked up at him, she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, but she was crying. He asked her why and she spoke in a foreign tongue.

V: Is that...bad?

Gorephobia: No. Not to normal folk anyway. But he was a great Xenophobic. He drew his sword and sliced her three times. She died immediately. Barely an hour later his body was found on the floor by some huntsman in the mark of the fiend.

V: Excuse me?

Gorephobia: The Devil. He was tied to a tree where two branches went off in different directions. He was upside down.

V: An upside down cross...

Gorephobia: He hadn't been a king back then. He was a Duke. Naturally, for his crimes he went to hell.

V: The ninth circle.

Gorephobia: Where it is coldest. But he was so evil, the even the devil himself couldn't take him anymore, so he was spat back out. But not without a souvenir. He grabbed a woman. That woman. The one he had killed. For in hell he found out what she was. She was the Daughter of Satan.

V: Satan had a Daughter?

Gorephobia: This is just the story. She was speaking French. Nobody quite knows why or how. She doesn't have a name. But she has been called many. Manly Papillon. Papillon Noir.

V: That's french?

Gorephobia: Yes. The Black Butterfly. When the two were spat out they took a bit of hell with them. A Mountain of rock, which the two of them changed.

V: The castle.

Gorephobia: Exactly. But afted that, there was so much spare rock. Most of it was dumped in the sea, but Geddy kept one bit.

V: Your bit.

Gorephobia: Yes. He broke it in half. One half he kept and somehow, made it into a key into hell.

V: Your piece.

Gorephobia: Yes. As for the second piece. Well. He and Papillon Noir had children. Many children. Each of them became the creatures.

V: The creatures?

Gorephobia: Yes. Each of them were strange. She had many. Dragons, trolls, ogres, demons, elves, leprechauns. They all work as slaves for Geddy. They each had their own "powers", which the walls of the castle strengthened. Geddy used the other half of the rock to make the sword. The handle is part of hell itself. He crafted it so that if they ever became too powerful, he could use it to banish them back to hell. Nobody knows how he got the sword to work like that.

V: So how did he end up?

Gorephobia: After Papillon Noir had her final child, her most powerful, Geddy got scared. Worried his place on the throne would be in danger. He banished all of his children to the Volcano. He opened up a hole in the side of it, known as the mouth. They were trapped in there by a charm he put on it. Geddy wasn't a practicing warlock, but he knew his stuff. This charm was so powerful that even Papillon couldn't break it. Only one child was left, and he destroyed it the only way he could be sure it would never come back. He threw it into the Volcano.

V: The most powerful one?

Gorephobia: Correct. Poor thing was only a baby. Papillon took her revenge on him. She tore his soul from his body and bound it to the castle walls and cursed the island with famine, plague and storms every night. He was doomed to watch his kingdom suffer and crumble for eternity.

V: And what of the butterfly?

Gorephobia: She descended into hell once more. A new king was elected and he tried his best, but things only got worse and he ended up commiting suicide. Since then there hasn't been much structure. Generally when one king dies another is chosen.

V: People chose The Return?

Gorephobia: No. It was all quite strange. Our last king died shortly after The Return was appointed as his advisor. After he died, The Return announced that the king chose him as his successor. Nobody really argued.

V: Okay, that explains a lot. But how come there are still dragons at the castle if they were banished?

Gorephobia: Ah yes, of course. After Geddy was bound to the walls of the castle, it was discovered he missed a child. An egg. It hatched and served the king as long as he was in control of the castle. It senses it's father, mother and of course, Grandfather-

V: The devil.

Gorephobia: Yes. It sensed them in the walls. Dragons are strange creatures. They do not need intercourse, or even another creature to have childen. Regardless of sex they just lay eggs with babies inside. But each dragon can only lay one egg in it's life.

V: Interesting.

Gorephobia: So now you understand. Only this sword is powerful enough to kill him. This sword has the power of hell behind it and though he is not a child of Geddy, it will still destroy him.

V: So now what? I just go and kill him?

Gorephobia: What? Oh. Erm. I don't know. I only know what you've told me. I suggest you speak to the priest about that. But first, why not settle in. You may be here for a while. I'll behappy to put you up as longas you pay your keep. Meet some of the locals. It's a nice little town.

V: I think I might. But I can't stay here. Not with your father. I'd be in the way. I'll stay at the local inn.

Gorephobia: Okay, it's your choice. It's just down the road.

V: You know what, I've just realized. I have no idea what this town is called.

Gorephobia: Oh. It's an odd name. The Island is called Horror.

V: How nice.

Gorephobia: This town has an even weirder name. It came about after the destruction of Geddy when the town was at it's worst because of Papillons curse. It's called, Hope Death Comes. But most folk round here only use the first letters.

V: Okay. Well, I'm off to explore Hope Death Comes.

Gorephobia: HDC.

The Ferrets like it...
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Opening credits role. A far shot of the Island. Zoom into the middle of the town. Stalls are being set up. Fruit put out, people talking. Shop door open up. The camera zooms to the church doors. They open up and Despare walks out. He looks serious.

Despare: Morning Pinky.

A young woman turns around to him and smiles. She's standing at a stall full of gems and jewelery.

Pinkfloyd: Morning Despare. Sorry I couldn't come to the service this morning...

Despare: It's okay. I'll do a quick recap on Sunday.

Pinkfloyd: Thanks. Hey, can I interest you in a gem?

Despare: Not at the moment. I'm just off for the weeks provisions. But great to see you.

Pinkfloyd: You too.

He walks on past some more people. It's bustling in the town with people selling silk and silver and much more. He goes up to a shop next to the Blacksmith's. It's a butchers. The man in there had long hair and a beard and is busy chopping meat. He looks up and grunts.

Despare: You can manage more than that can't you?

Massacre Man: Jesus Christ...

Despare: Oi! I thought we spoke about this.

Massacre Man: Sorry Desp. Hey, do you know what the weirdo's been on about?

Despare: No...he looked a bit funny yesterday. Twitching and all. But that's to be expected from him.

Massacre Man: Been preaching the end of the world. Says something about a black abyss swallowing us up from a country down near Germany. Luxem something.

Despare: I'd ignore it. Anyway, just here for the usual.

Massacre Man: Got it right here Desp. And good to see some colour in your cheeks again.

He smiles and nods at Despare. He reaches under the desk for Despare's food when the sausage he was chopping falls on the floor.

Massacre Man: FUCK!

Despare crouches down and sure enough, a few seconds later the sausage flies over his head into the wall. When he looks up Massacre Man is smiling with the bag held out.

Despare: Lay off the Opium hey?

He takes the bag and walks out. He walks into the next shop. It's a bakers. A young man is in there. He's handing out cakes to a large crowd. He looks up and sees Despare.

Alkytrio: Hey! Great service today- People can you stop BITING!

Desapre: Hello Alky. The Usual?

Alkytrio: Honestly, you never go for variety...

He throws a tied up bag over the crowd.

Alkytrio: Gotta deal with these lot now. You still coming around tonight?

Despare: Yes. I'll see you then. Goodbye!

He hurries out. As he's about to walk into the next shop something trips him up. He turns around to see who it was. It's a short person, only about three feet off the ground dressed in a sheet of old cloth. His face is distorted and one of his arms appears to be shorter than the other.

Despare: Oh. Hello Freak. Shame I didn't see you in the service today.

Freak: End of world. It is nigh. Crazy men make. Hadrons!!!

Despare: Poor boy...Listen, I'm going to the grocers. Would you like something?

Freak: eerf serutaerc lacigam!

Despare: Freak. Did you hear me?

A woman walks over.

Monalisa: Honestly Vicar. I think it's great how hard you try with him. But I'm afraid he has to leave.

Despare: What do you mean?

Monalisa: Royal order...He's being put to better use.

Despare: Oh no...you don't mean. Come on. Please!

Monalisa: The king has ordered.

Despare: Wait a moment...

He rummages around in his pocket and pulls out a small bag. He gives it to Mona.

Monalisa: I'm the Town guard. I can't do this. My job will be on the line.

Despare: I'll get him away. just take that and say he was gone.

She nods, then walks away. Despare quickly walks Freak beside the Butchers in a small alley.

Despare: Stay here.

He hurries off into the third shop. It's full of boxes, each one packed to the brim.

Despare: Oh no. Not again!

A man appears from a back room.

Crabapple: Hello chum! Or should I say. Heaveno chum! I made a funny.

Despare: We've been over this. Those jokes aren't cool with me.

Crabapple: Yes cap'n! Say, what can I get you. We've got a lot of variety.

Despare: It's apple week...

Crabapple: Best week of the fortnight! But no. Look. Variety.

He begins jumping around pointing at "different" apples as he goes.

Crabapple: Red ones, Green ones, Golden ones, Big red ones, Small green ones, Red and green ones, mouldy ones, dead ones, half eaten ones. The possibilities are endless.

Despare: Okay. I'll take three red ones and half a dozen Golden ones.

Crabapple: SURE!

He dances around, picking them up and putting them in a brown sack. He hands it to Despare.

Despare: Thankyou. I'm going to pay you as soon as I can.

Crabapple: The dreams have returned...

Despare turns around with a shocked look on his face.

Despare: What did you say?

Crabapples face is serious and his eyes glazed over.

Crabapple: The screaming of the innocent with never go away. No comfort. Your lifes work is ruined for the pain.

Despare: Stop it...

Crabapple's voice is no more than an eerie, monotone whisper now.

Crabapple: Daddy. Daddy. Come back Daddy. Where are you going. No Daddy. No.

Crabapple's eyes widen then shut for a moment. He opens them again then smiles.

Crabapple: How can I help?

Despare ignores him and walks out of the shop. he leans against the wall and breathes heavily. Suddenly he jerks forward and runs around to beside the butchers to the alley. Freak is gone.

Despare: Oh dear...

Fade out. End credits role.

The Ferrets like it...

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Opening credits role. Fade to a shot of the castle. Fade to a shot of the front door. Guards are at either side of it. Monalisa walks through the doors. She goes through another door to find Dante standing there, staring her in the face, only inches away.

Monalisa: Woah. Dante. Sir.

She bows.

Dante: Nice to see you here. It's been a long time.

Monalisa: Yes. Too long.

She goes to walk around him.

Dante: What's wrong? Trying to avoid me?

Monalisa: What? No. I just need to see the king.

Dante: And you have no time to have a nice little chat with your old pal Jeremiah Dante?

Monalisa: Look. I'm sorry. But I have work to do. It's not like before. I'm not just some soldier.

Dante: You were never just some soldier! I picked you from that cult for a reason. You have fighting skills like never before.

Monalisa: And I thank you for that. But I-

Dante: Let's not forget how you got this job!

His tone is a harsh whisper.

Dante: The king nearly laughed me out of the castle when I suggested making a female a soldier. And then when I pitched the idea of making you representative of the king. You should have seen the trouble I nearly got in.

Monalisa: Yes. But it was at a price, as I recall. I paid my debt. Now get out of my way.

She pushes him to the side and starts to walk away.

Dante: Speaking of which. How is your son?

She stops.

Dante: Awww. Touched a nerve?

She turns around and walks to him, the slaps him hard across the face.

Dante: Enough. I need to talk to you. Now.

Monalisa: I said, I need to tal-

Dante: It is nearly time.

Monalisa: What?

Dante: After all these years, it will finally happen. It's happening now.

Monalisa: You're sure.

Dante: Yes. Now go, see the king and make things seem normal. For soon, you will finally have what you have dreamt of all these years.

She nods, then turns away, trying to keep the smile off her face. She walks forward through a few more doors then comes to a room with the king and chucker in, as well as several guards. She walks in, bows, then walks forward.

The Return: Ah, look chucker. It's another bitch. Just like you.

Monalisa: Your Highness.

The Return: Did you do what I asked you to?

Monalisa: I did Your Highness.

She pulls out a piece of paper.

Monalisa: I asked around and I found something. He has been spotted several times walking over the hill to the hermit's hut.

She hands him the paper. It says "Gorephobia" on it.

The Return: You mean?

Monalisa: Yes your majesty. He has been providing them with weapons. What would you suggest?

The Return: Kill him.

Monalisa: What?

The Return: End his life. Make an example of him.

Monalisa: Don't you think that's extreme?

The Return: I tell you what to do, you do it. Understand? I want you to drag him from his house, tie him to the tree in the middle of town, beat him to within an inch of his life then set him on fire. Understand?

Monalisa: Yes. Sire.

The Return: Now off with you. I'm going to have a little fun.

She turns around and walks out, two guards following. As she does, a bell rings. A young girl walks past her, into the room. The muffled words "Stand in the corner" then screaming can be heard as monalisa walks away.

Guard 1: What do we do?

Monalisa: Are you deaf? Do as he says. And do it tonight.

The guards walk away through another door. Fade to a shot of Mona entering her house. She sits down in a chair, puts her face in her hands, and begins to cry. A small, white, fluffy dog walks up to her and jumps onto her lap. She begins stroking it.

Monalisa: Soon. Soon I'll have him back. And we'll be a nice happy family. You wait and see. You wait and see...

End credits role.

The Ferrets like it...

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Opening credits role. Fade into a shot of Gore's Blacksmiths. Gore is sitting at an anvil, hammering at a large battle axe. The Door swings open. V walks in.

Gorephobia: Afternoon friend.

V: Same to you Gore. Honestly, this town is nuttier than a squirrels dream.

Gorephobia: Pardon?

V: Take a look for yourself!

V pulls a sack off his shoulder. He pulls out a piece of meat with loads of gashes in it.

Gorephobia: Tantrum?

V: What?

Gorephobia: The Butcher. He has anger management issues.

V: Damn straight! I sneezed and the guy went mad. Started swinging his knife at the meat. It's a complete mess!

He pulls seven colourful jewels out of the sack.

Gorephobia: That'll be pinky?

V: What? Yeh? I guess. Blonde lady.

Gorephobia: The woman with the stall.

V: I walked past it, she smiles at me, next thing I know I've given her half my money for the stones.

Gorephobia: She has some weird ability to get guys to do things.

V: Hypnotism?

Gorephobia: Nah. She's a woman. We'll do anything for a girl with a pretty face.

V: I'll remember that.

Gorephobia: What else you got in there.

V: Stopped off at one more shop.

He turns the sack upside down and two dozen apples fall out.

Gorephobia: Nice variety. I see you went for big green, small golden and sour red.

V: Figured it'd last me.

V is about to carry on but then he stops.

Gorephobia: What-

V holds up a hand to quiet him. He walks over to the window. Through the darkness he can see several horses, galloping at top speed towards the shop.

Gorephobia: What is that?

V: Looks like some sort of attack force.

Gorephobia: Which way are they heading?

V: This way.

Gorephobia: Oh crap. They're coming for me.

V: What?

Gorephobia: Go out the back, run to the pub!

V: No, I'm staying. To fight if I have to. Why are they coming ayway? What did you do?

Gorephobia: Listen to me. I know you could fight them, but that would just ruin things.

V: Things? What things?

Gorephobia: There's no time! Just go.

V: What about you?

Gorephobia: You won't be seeing me for a while. Just leave. NOW!

V: Good luck.

He goes to pick up the jewels.

Gorephobia: Does no time mean anything to you?

V: It could be the end of the world for all I care, I paid good money for these jewels, I'm keeping them!

He collects them and runs out, taking the sword of Geddy with him. Before he leaves, he takes a last glance back, just in time to see Gorephobia grab a battleaxe. V runs out, then heads along the river a small way, eventualy coming to the local inn named "The Two Witches". He goes to the front, then in the door. It's nearly empty.

V: Hello?

A woman stands up from under the bar. She smiles at him. She has dark hair. She's holding something.

Chronogrl: Hey there. You lookin' for a drink?

V: If you will, and a room.

Chronogrl: Okay, but I have to warn you, things can get pretty roudy in here.

V looks around. Only two people are sitting in there, each drinking from a glass and looking pretty sad.

Chronogrl: Just kiddin! Nah. We got plenty of room.

V: Great. Hook me up would you?

Chronogrl: That depends. What's in it for me?

V: I have some money.

Chronogrl: I wasn't talking about money.

She licks her lips. V raises an eyebrow.

Chronogrl: Just kidding!

A voice sounds from up the stairs.


Chronogrl: When you stop laughing!

THe person comes down the steps.

Hammerfan: Sorry about my sister mate. Her and that thing.

V: What thing?

Something crawls around from behind the bar. It is bearing it's sharp teeth and claws, it has no fur and it's eyes are blood red. It's making a sound between a cluck and a gurgle and saliva is dripping from it's mouth.

V: Jesus CHRIST!

Hammerfan: Follow me.

She leads him up the stairs. Chronogrl can be heard from below.

Chronogrl: Who's a good little creature? YOU ARE!

Hammerfan: Yeh, sorry. She experimented with breeding rats, cats and bats. This is what she got. Named it Ripley.

V: What an odd girl. Infact, I get the feeling most of this town is odd.

Hammerfan: You hit the nail on the head there my friend. Here you are.

She stops at a door. V opens it. It's a small room with only a bed and a candle in it.

Hammerfan: We provide breakfast in the mornings. And that'll be 3 pieces.

V hands her three small gold coins.

V: I'll be down in a minute for a drink. Can you make sure nobody comes into this room. At all.

Hammerfan: Sure. Whatever.

She yawns and goes down the stairs. V closes the door, takes the sword from his sack and lays on the bed. He looks out the window. In the distance are some fast moving figures. One looks like a person, the other like a horse. V lays back on the bed and sighs.

V: This is worse than Singapore...

The Ferrets like it...
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Opening credits role. Fade into the blacksmiths. It's a shot of the back door. V runs out carrying the bag an the sword. Fade to the inside of it. Gore is bustling around. He's got a big sack and is putting thing in it. Food, money, pictures and a few weapons. The sounds of the horses are getting louder and louder. Gore seals up the sack, pushes an anvil infront of the door and then runs out the back. The sound of the front door crashing open sounds. Gore keeps running.

He runs through the small stream running around the back of the shop. Water splashes up the sack.

Gorephobia: Dammit!

He turns round in time to see the back door swing open, then he trips and falls down a slope. The sack falls away from him. Eventually he stops and the ground levels out. His forehead is bleeding. He looks up and sees someone standing atop the hill. He lays down flat.

Guard: He's gone Sir.

Guard 2: He can't have gone far. The anvil was placed by the door. He saw us coming.

Guard: You don't think he's gone out to the mouth?

Guard 2: No. He doesn't hve enough time. And if he tries it, we've got the place surrounded.

Guard: Yes sir. Lets go and search.

Guard 2: Go back to the castle, tell Monlisa I'm setting up a perimetre of the town

Guard: Yes Phantomstranger.

Gore curses, then slowly crawls along towards his bag. As he gets to it, some of the metal inside clinks. The guard at the top of the hill goes down to investigate.

Guard: Who goes there?

Gorephobia quickly reaches ino the sack as the guard walks down. The guard is about to call out when Gorephobia throws a small axe. It meets it's target and burrows tself into his brain. The body falls limply to the ground. Gorephobia runs up, picks up the axe and then starts to run away, keeping to the shadows. He gets quite far and but ends up at an open field lit b the moon.

Gorephobia: SHIT!

He takes a few deep breaths then makes a break for it. Within seconds the sound of a horse galloping are heard. He looks back and sees the horse wit it's rider running towards him. He keeps going but stops when he reaches a river. He turns just in time to the rider aim with his bow. He fires and Gore ducks. The arrow misses him by inches.

Rider: STOP! NOW!

Gorephobia: I'm armed!

The horse draws nearer. Gore throws the axe again but this time it misses. The horse runs at him, the rider smiling. Gore turns around and jumps in the river. The water is running fast. He starts getting swept away but is stopped when he collides with a fallen tree, blocking his path. The rider laughs.

Rider: Do you fear death?

Another voice sounds.

Voice: Do you?

A shape appears on the other side of the river. It's cloaked. He lifts his arms. The rider goes to fire his arrow but suddenly the bow breaks in his hands. He tries to turn the horse around but it refuses to move.

Rider: Stop that! I'm telling you! I work for the king!

The shape ignores him and raises it's arms higher. The man floats off of the horse. The shape suddenly opens it's arms wide. The man ripped into two pieces. He then looks at Gorephobia, who then floats from the river.

Gorephobia: Thankyou friend.

Shape: Did you get everything?

Gorephobia: Not everything. I have the rock though. I got that. But I fear it is more complicated then you believe. V, a warrior is in town. He is tasked with killing you Roshiq.

Roshiq: Don't worry about that. I have an ace up my sleave. Now, lets go back to my house. I have new development to tell you of friend.

The two walk away in the dirction Roshiq came. Closing credits role.

The Ferrets like it...
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Opening credits role. Fade to the castle. It's daytime. A guard is standing in a dimly lit room with the king standing infront of him. Several castle guards are in the room too. The guard in the middle is on his knees.

Guard: Your Majesty, I apologize.

The Return: For what part? Losing that fool or your men running at the sight of the magician.

A guard in the corner of the room speaks up.

Guard 2: Warlock.

The Return: What?

Guard 2: I'm just saying...he. He's a warlock.

He seems to be regretting his comment. The Return stands up. He's wearing back fur and lots of rings.

The Return: In these walls, I demand respect. In my kingdom, I demand respect. Take a look at my kingdom. Now. Go to the window.

The guard tentatively does as he's told.

The Return: What do you see?

Guard 2: The island sir. I see the island.

The Return: Who's Island?

Guard 2: Your Island.

As the guard is looking out, The Return comes up behind him.

The Return: Do you have a family?

Guard 2: Yes. Sir.

The Return: My name isn't sir.

Guard 2: Sorry, your majesty.

The Return: So, your family. Who are they?

Guard 2: My wife, my two children. They live across the hill in Kendrel.

The Return: Good, when did you last see them?

Guard 2: A while ago.

The Return: A while isn't a time.

Guard 2: Sorry sir.

The Return: Not sir.

Guard 2: Pardon?

The Return: I'm not sir.

Guard 2: Sorry king.

The Return: Your Majesty.

Guard: Right.

The Return: Say it.

Guard: Oh yes, Sorry sir. I-

The Return: WHAT?

Guard 2: I'm sorry Your Majesty.

The Return: SO when did you last see them?

Guard 2: Last Christmas. I've been here since.

The Return: Well you'll see them soon.

Guard 2: Am I fired?

The Return: No. But they'll be joining you in due course.

He suddenly pushes the guard forward, out the window. The camera follows him down the castle until he hits a statue, breaking it and dying in the process. In front of the statue, Dante is standing. He looks up and sees the king wave at him. He glares, then turns back in front of him. A group of around 500 men in armor are there.

Dante: Slash!

All the men slash out with their swords.

Dante: Stab!

All the men Stab.

Dante: Duck, slash, jump stab block duck jump.

All the men do this perfectly save one. Dante points to him.

Dante: Brackenridge!

Brackenridge: YES SIR!

Dante: Get out here!

The soldier marches forward, held perfectly. He stands in front of Dante.

Dante: Do as you did before.

He starts doing it, but Dante then starts doing the opposite, as though they were in battle. At first Brackenridge does it right, but then on the block, he messes up and Dante's sword shoots through him, blood spurting.

Dante: That should motivate you. RIGHT?

Army: YES SIR!

Dante: Good!

He continues practising. The camera shoots upwards, going up the tower, also circling in it, getting further away. The angelic sounds of a single voice can be heard loudly. Then, as the camera eventually gets to the point where it's far enough out and above to show the whole town and castle, the singing stops and a lone, womans voice speaks.

Voice: The Walls are Singing.

End credits role.

The Ferrets like it...
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