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Opening credits roll. Fade to a shot of the two ships, frozen in space. Pieces of rubble are starting to drift away. Fade to Chronogrl, running up the staircase. Roshiq is painfully following, shooting bullets up the stairs. She risks a look over and a jet of flame shoots past her face, singing her hair.

Chronogrl: Fucking A!

She reaches a fire hose on the wall and frantically pulls it off, firing a fast jet of water at Roshiq, who falls backwards, but he quickly gains his balance again and shoots a small explosive into the nozzle. Chronogrl throws it down and runs as it blows up.

Roshiq: Do not...fight. I am...sorr-Prepare for deeeath-th-th-th.

Chronogrl: This is just great.

She pulls a knife from a small belt around her leg and throws it down at him. The knife bounces off and out of one of the many metal appendages on his legs, several spinning blades fly towards her, followed by en explosive then more bullets. She grabs the explosive but the shower of bullets smash into the wall next to her and in a jolt of panic she miscalculates the throw, with it landing several steps up from Roshiq. Luckily, the blast blows a chunk of stone at his legs, damaging some of the weapons and knocking him backwards. Chrono takes advantage of this. She dives over the handrail and lands with a crash on the floor, unhurt. She looks at her extremely tough skinned hand and kisses it as she runs into Level 2, Hall G. Behind her, Roshiq makes his way back down the stairs. Chronogrl jumps onto the ceiling and crawls along, using the strange thick bile as a climbing frame. Fade to Massacre Man and Gorephobia, running down a hallway. Something drops from the ceiling in front of them.

Rayne: Sup dudes.

She punches Gorephobia to the floor as Dude Guadalupe appears and holds back Massacre Man. Rayne walks slowly over to him, showing her long, sharp nails. Dude Guadalupe pulls back Massacre Man's neck, displaying his veins.

Massacre Man: Scum!

Rayne: Shush child, or, I shall have to cut you off mid sentence.

Dude Guadalupe laughs and puts pressure on Massacre Man's skull. He struggles but it's no use, and Rayne's nail moves closer. Suddenly, deep blue blood sprays in Massacre Man's face. Rayne screams and clasps her arm where her hand was.

Gorephobia: I have been useless too much today!

He stands up, brandishing a small gun at Dude Guadalupe, who uses Massacre Man as a human shield. Rayne, in a fit of anger, runs at Gorephobia, but he punches her away with the gun then fires again. Two small balls fire out in opposite directions, a thin wire of metal connecting them. The thin piece of metal takes the top half of Rayne's head off. Dude Guadalupe shouts out in anger.

Dude Guadalupe: You son of a bitch! I'm gonna break your friend for that! BASTARD!

He starts crushing Massacre Man's head.

Gorephobia: Fuck off!

He throws a small ball from his pocket directly at the piece of Dude's head showing. Dude moves his head to the side and Gorephobia shoots the gun again, directly at Dude's now exposed face. It hits him but doesn't cut all the way through. The wire is embedded in his mouth, and he falls to the floor. Gorephobia walks over to him and stamps on his face.

Gorephobia: Bout time I did something useful.

Massacre Man takes a minute to gain his breath then they press on. Fade to The Flayed One. He's walking wearily through the ship, examining a blood soaked corpse on a bed. He bends over to it and takes the wedding ring off it's finger, smiling as he does so. He goes to another room and takes a necklace of a dead child's neck. As he walks out, three Lux Lucis rush him from all directions. They flash their claws and teeth, attacking him brutally, before he gets the chance to grab his flaming sword.


One of the creatures takes the flaming sword and holds it up, then he swings it down. The blade connects with one of the other creatures. He then swings it at the other.

Lux Lucis: This is my kill, boys!

He licks his lips.

Lux Lucis: I believe we all deserve a hot meal...hehehe.

The creatures brains shower over The Flayed One as bullets pound into it's skull. He rolls out of the way just before the sword falls onto him. The Flayed One retrieves his weapon and stands. Somebody runs in front of him. It's V.

V: You're welcome.

The Flayed One: I owe you...

V: Yes you do. How do you like the idea of helping me kill this cunts?

The Flayed One looks V up and down, taking in his heavy weaponry.

The Flayed One: Sounds like a deal...lets go.

The two of them walk out of the room and into the hallway, passing a sign that says "Level 2, Hall D"

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Opening credits roll. Fade to a shot of the two crashed space stations. Fade to Freak and several Lux Lucis, walking into a room. The room is circular, with wires running up and down it. There are upturned chairs pushed to the walls, and the sticky bile is everywhere. Around the walls, stuck by the bile are Disease, Bloody Ribcut, Angra, The Return and Newb, as well as several other dead bodies.

Freak: Greeting gentlemen! I welcome you to my humble abod-

Disease spits at him.

Freak: Ouch..wow. The only other guy to do that to me was real drunk. I mean, he was legless.

He walks over to Disease and with a swift slash of his claw, slices off both legs at the knee.

Freak: So are you.


His screams are silenced by a quick piece of bile.

Freak: Now, I called you here for a reas-

Bloody Ribcut: Go fuck yourself!

Angra: I'm looking forward to gutting you...

Freak: If I get interrupted one more time, there will be serious consequences!

He waves his large claws around. Everybody is silent.

Freak: Thank you...now, we are the Lux Lucis. It translates as The Light, from Latin. We are named this due to how we came into this world. Now, the light that made us is a being of incredible power. But he has been growing weak...very weak. It is therefore lucky that I have a strong knowledge of electronics and was able to use the ship's translator to put the information stored in the light into binary. I know, I am brilliant.

Angra and The Return look at each other, with a look of both anxiety and anger.

Freak: You will notice that we are in a conference room gentlemen. There is a reason I chose this. You see, it has a large three dimensional projector. It doesn't take a genius to see where I am going. IF I can replicate the light, I have complete control over evolution. And with some slight operations...I can splice.

Bloody Ribcut: Holy shit...

Newb: WHAT?

Bloody Ribcut: He's gonna mix us up.

Newb: What do you mean?

Freak: THIS!

He signals, and a Lux Lucis walks into the room, holding a squealing rat.

Freak: Dr. Frankenstien...eat your heart out.

Freak walks over to a wall set computer and types a few buttons, then, he pushes a small lever. Out of the wall, a downward facing box protrudes. There are several lenses on it. Freak punches a button and then, there's a blinding white light. The people on the walls close their eyes. The light fades and in the middle of the room is a lux lucis with the nose of a rat, patches of fur dotted around and large, bloodshot eyes. It's tail is curled and thick, half fused to it's body and it's hands are barely distinguishable blobs of flesh. The creature pathetically squeaks. Freak walks over to it, smiles slightly, then bends down and breaks it's neck with one hand.

Freak: Abomination.

He turns back to the people around the walls.

Freak: That was an evolution slash spicing of a rat and Lux Lucis. What was created was a pathetic excuse for life. But, imagine it. 5 humans evolving into something like me. Me evolving into something even superior. And then put together...

He smiles and licks his lips.

Freak: Take them off!

Lux Lucis appear and pull the men off the walls, still covered in bile. They're thrown into the middle of the room.

Angra: Jesus. We're dying looking like an intergalactic space orgy...

Freak: I like your humour. I'll miss it.

Freak presses some buttons and then walks over to the pile of men. He stands on top of it, looking up, triumphantly. Below him, The Return looks around frantically, trying to find some escape. He spots something on Freak's leg. A tattoo. He gasps and opens his mouth to shout but then...the light turns on. Fade to the room where Papillon Noir was impregnated. She is now hangling from the ceiling, opposite Monalisa. Both are sweating, looking worn out.

Monalisa: How did it get this way?

Papillon Noir: I know...

Monalisa: No. I mean, I was always prepared. I was always ready for something like this. Always ready for a fight, and now I'm some alien's bitch! It's not right! IT'S NOT FUCKING FAIR!

Papillon Noir: I know!

Monalisa: NO YOU DON'T! You can't understand!

Papillon Noir: You can't let it get inside you!

Monalisa: I can't exactly sick it up.

Papillon Noir: I don't mean like that. I've been locked up before. Many times. You have to stay strong or you'll never get out.

One of the Lux Lucis laughs from the side.

Lux Lucis: You little birdies ain't goin' nowhere!

He keeps laughing, then is suddenly silent. His body slumps to the ground. Chronogrl bends over it and takes a gun from it's pocket. Another Lux from the other side runs towards her, firing wildly. Chrongrl dives to the side and shoots it cleanly in the head. She looks at the two other women, then runs to Papillon Noir and starts freeing her.

Monalisa: Let's kill these ba-

She splutters, then deep red blood spurts out of her mouth. She tries to breathe but can't.

Papillon Noir: It's started...

Chronogrl: What?!

Papillon Noir: She's...giving birth.

Ending credits roll.

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Opening credits roll. Fade to a shot of the two crashed ships. Fade to Doc Faustus, walking along a dark corridor. There's a faint dripping sound, and a light buzzes eerily at the end of the corridor. The laser from his gun slowly moves along in front of him. Something moves slightly up ahead of him. He stops, then pulls a small pair of goggles from his pocket. He looks down at them, a small, dim red light flashes. He sighs, then puts them on and presses the side. The camera shows through his eyes. Up ahead, a small heap of skin on the floor shuffles. It appears to have a misshaped face. Within a few seconds, the goggles run out of power and he takes them off. He walks towards the heap, his gun pointed forward.

Heap: So you...

Doc Faustus: Jesus.

Heap: You're the one...

Doc Faustus: Identify yourself!

Heap: I can't...

Doc Faustus: I'll shoot you.

Heap: I don't...know. Who I are.

Doc Faustus: Is this some sort of trap. Well?! What are you?

Heap: I think...I'm the left over.

Doc Faustus: You have three seconds to-

Heap: Yes...that's it. Ha...

Doc Faustus: What the hell are you?

The heap stays silent. Doc Faustus shoots a warning shot.

Heap: The...the thing that happened. You...you know?

Doc Faustus: Yes...

Heap: I think...I'm the wasted...the left over stuff. The bit that left.

Doc Faustus: Explain!

Heap: When the people...they became those things...I've watched them. I watched them feed on the survivors...they are no longer human. The...the humanity left them and...then I was made.

Doc Faustus: You're the...humanity?

Heap: I think so.

Doc Faustus: How can you say that? You're not human. Look at yourself. You're a pile of skin and organs.

Heap: Is that not...what the humans are?

Doc Faustus: We're so much more than that!

Heap: I...I feel. I feel...for the people.

Doc Faustus: You're less human that those creatures!

Heap: And you would...know about humanity? You walked this...corridor before. You killed...a survivor...

Doc Faustus: Shut up!

He walks towards the heap, the gun pointed at it.

Heap: Please...please don't. Don't kill...don't kill the last bit of humanity...on this ship.

Doc Faustus: I'm human!

Heap: Please!

Doc Faustus looks away as he fires art the ground. The heap cries out, then goes silent. Doc Faustus keeps firing. The bullets fly from the gun, then just clicking as he has no ammo left. Fade to Dante, carrying Hammerfan and the bomb.

Dante: We're nearly there. Nearly...

Hammerfan: It hurts..

Dante: Don't give up now. Come on, we're gonna get out of this.

Hammerfan: Why did this happen?

Dante: Save your energy. Just hang in there.

Hammerfan: My husband. The love of my life. He was going to kill me.

Dante: It wasn't him. Not really.

Hammerfan: Why did he do that to me?

Dante: We're nearly there.

Hammerfan: That secundum thing. It ruined everything.

Dante: I know...I know.

Hammerfan: But we can't...destroy it.

Dante keeps walking along.

Hammerfan: Can we?

Dante: I...I just don't know.

Hammerfan: It took everything from me.

Dante: Let's just get through this.

They reach a door. He opens it with a key card from his pocket. Inside it a large circular disc on the ground. He sets down Hammerfan and the Bomb, then lifts up the disc. It leads down a ladder to a dark, metal, rusted corridor.

Dante: I'll just be gone a second. Okay?

She nods lazily at him, her pale face losing more and more color by the second. He takes hold of the bomb and goes down the ladder. About ten seconds later, Hammerfan notices a sniffing behind her. She turns to see a small Lux Lucis, smiling widely at her. She lamely tries to call out

Hammerfan: Dante...Dante...

The creature bites into her collar bone and she winces in pain. Dante doesn't appear. She starts tapping on the ground with her feet, whilst trying to fight off the creature. Down the hole, Dante hears the tapping, then notices a drop of blood drip down. He looks below him, still about ten feet to go. He looks up again, as the tapping gets more frantic, then, with a wince, he drops the bomb. It doesn't explode. He rushes up the ladder and as he gets out, he finds a still Hammerfan being chewed on by the creature. He cries out with anger, grabs hold of the creature and rips the skin off it's body. From his back, suddenly, two spiked appendages appear. They stab into the creature. He throws it limply to floor.

Dante: Hammerfan!

She doesn't respond. He looks down at the two appendages, a look of horror on his face, then he looks back at her, worried. He taps her face.

Dante: Hammerfan. Please.

Her eye moves lightly, and she blinks. The blood drips from her shoulder.

Hammerfan: I...I'm not going to-

Dante: Don't say it...

Hammerfan: Dant...you did your best for...me.

Dante: You're gonna make it. Come on. We're so close.

Hammerfan: Good captain...

Dante: Please...

He starts to cry slightly.

Dante: Please...don't die...you're the last one left. The last of our ship...I failed them all.

She shakes her head.

Hammerfan: Good...captain.

Her head stops moving and her eyes glaze over. Dante, tears dripping down his face, closes her eyes and kisses her cheek.

Dante: Goodbye...

He turns and jumps down the hole, landing on the floor. He looks ahead of him. The corridor ends in a huge room, with a large metal mechanism of large levers and steel spheres. He picks up the bomb and slowly walks towards it. Fade to Massacre Man and Gorephobia. They're killing a group of the creatures, whilst backing down a flight of stairs. Gore takes off a few of their heads with his garrote gun, whilst Massacre Man fires metal spikes into their heads with another gun. Creatures start coming up the stairs too. Gorephobia kicks them back then throws a grenade at them. It explodes in a ball of electricity and the creatures twitch slightly.

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Massacre Man: Nice work!

They manage to wipe them out and proceed down the stairs. Gorephobia stops suddenly, beside a series of monitors.

Massacre Man: What?

Gorephobia: Look!

On one of the scenes, a short three second clip shows Chronogrl dropping from the roof of a corridor and start attacking a Lux Lucis. Gorephobia looks at the words on the monitor;

"Level 2, Hall G, Camera 4. 12:41"

The Video repeats itself a few more times then switches to an empty hallway.

Gorephobia: What's the time?

Massacre Man: I don't know!

Gorephobia: Check!

Massacre Man: Fucking hell.

He pulls out his small ship map monitor and checks the time.

Massacre Man: 12:49.

Gorephobia: She's alive...holy crap. SHE'S ALIVE!

Massacre Man: We need to go on.

Gorephobia: I have to find her.

Massacre Man: What the fuck? NO! We need to get to the manual-

Gorephobia: I'm going to find her. We're close. We're only one level and two halls away!

Massacre Man: Why the fuck is she, and why should I care?

Gorephobia: You wouldn't understand.

Massacre Man: No, I don't. And as your captain I'm-

Gorephobia: Sorry. I am. But I need to find her. You can handle this. We're close.

Massacre Man: Exactly. You can find her after.

Gorephobia: You and I both know that once we're in there, we're not opening the door.

Massacre Man is speechless.

Massacre Man: You're gonna get us both killed.

Gorephobia: Let's hope not...keep going. You can make it.

He nods to Massacre Man, then runs off along a passageway, and turns a corner. Massacre Man sighs. Cut to Gorephobia, running along the corridor. He shoots an approaching Lux Lucis, taking off three of it's legs. He runs around it and gets to a flight of stairs. He rushes down them, then...flames. A stream of flames pound into his already burnt skin. He screams, flails around, then falls down the stairs.

The flames go out and he looks up. Roshiq is walking painfully down the stairs, several of his guns broken. Gorephobia watches in disbelief as more flames shoot at him. He rolls out of the way, and tries to get up. His legs give way and he has to start crawling. Roshiq walks towards him. They're on a balcony facing inwards to a large room. Bullets rain towards Gorephobia. He crawls to the edge of the balcony and sees that he's at the swimming pool. He pulls himself over the edge and falls into the water. More bullets fly at him. He swims to the bottom of the water, to a large series of smashed up tiles, which water's draining out of. He pulls a large knife from his pocket and starts smashing it into the weak tiles. A bullet pounds into the back of his leg and he screams some air out. He keeps hacking at it, making relatively large indent. He then pulls a small ball from pocket and shoves it into the indent. He punches the ball then swims away, bullets missing him narrowly. At the other end of the pol he quickly rises up for air and the explosive goes off, launching water up into the air. A huge hole appears in the bottom of the pool and the water floods into it, pulling Gorephobia with it. He falls down into a hallway with bile all over the walls. He around, then with the help of the wall, stands up.

Gorephobia: Fuck...YES!

He looks up at a small sign on the ceiling, saying "Level 2, Hall G". Then, a voice sounds.

Chronogrl: What?!

Papillon Noir: She's...giving birth.

Ending credits roll.

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Opening credits roll. Fade to the sound of a heart beating. There's very quite, distorted shouting. The sound of blood spurting. The camera zooms out backwards from the darkness and reveals itself to be inside Monalisa. She coughs up some blood.

Papillon Noir: What do we do?!

Chronogrl: What can we do?

Papillon Noir: We can't just stand here! DO SOMETHING!

Chronogrl sighs and walks over to Monalisa. She lifts up her left hand and then shoves it down Monalisa's throat, Monalisa struggles for air and begins thrashing. Chronogrl pulls out a small creature, looking exactly like the other ones but smaller. She looks at it with disgust as it pathetically struggles for freedom. She bites the creatures head of and smiles at the shocked look on Papillon Noir's face.

Chronogrl: Tastes like-

Papillon Noir: Don't say it!

Chronogrl: Chicken.

She giggles slightly. Monalisa gasps for air.

Chronogrl: So, you ladies gonna help me?

Papillon Noir: With what?

Chronogrl: Setting up a fucking tea party. What do you think? Killing these bastards!

Monalisa: Only if...I get to kill that...Freak.

Chronogrl: Done. Come on.

Papillon Noir: You can't be serious? We have fuck all weapons and even less stamina. We'll be walking into a slaughter.

Chronogrl: Look around you. This whole ship is a slaughter. We're probably the last ones left, and if we can just kill a few, maybe it would be worth it. Maybe it would let us die happy. You know, knowing that we made a difference.

Monalisa: Leave her. She'd probably rather die huddled in a corner with some stolen jewelery.

Papillon Noir: Better than dying in the arms of some android. I don't know what went on between you and the Roshiq thing but I'm pretty sure it was fucked up.

Monalisa starts towards her. Chronogrl holds her back.

Chronogrl: Not that I care if you two tear each other's skin off, but I have some bad news about Roshiq.

Monalisa: Oh shit...no. He isn't...

Chronogrl: Not dead...no. But I think he might as well be.

Monalisa: Explain!

Chronogrl: I don't know exactly...they've kind of...erm, pimped him out. He's like some kind of war machine.

Monalisa: Fuck. FUCK! I shouldn't have let him go off on his own!

Chronogrl: Well you did, and now he's trying to kill us. But we can worry about him later.

Monalisa: No. I'm gonna worry about him now!

Papillon Noir: Can we just fucking deci-


Chronogrl: You're the one talking shit.

Monalisa: You know what, who the fuck are you anyway? You just appeared on here and now you think you're some kind of action hero.

Chronogrl: I'd break you in two in two seconds if I though you were slowing us down.

Monalisa: Sure you would, you slapper.

Papillon Noir: Jesus H. Christ!

Monalisa: Roshiq told me about how he saved you from those twats. Years ago. But you know what, I bet you loved every second of it.

Chronogrl lashes out and punches Monalisa in the face, she grabs her head and is about to twist when Gorephobia hobbles into the room.

Gorephobia: Shit, ladies!

They all stare at him. Fade to Massacre Man climbing down a hole in the floor. He looks around, everything around him is in shadow. HE takes a few steps forward. The lights above him turn on. Still, nothing there. But there's a huge amount of blood on the walls.

Massacre Man: Fuckin' A.

He carefully walks forwards, then reaches a large stone door.

Massacre Man: Here we are...

He scans his key card, then places his small portable map in a large hole, like an over sized USB stick. The door painfully slides open with a loud creaking sound. Massacre Man walks into a large, grand looking room, all the walls are still stone, a bleak green colour. In the center of the room is a single small monitor with a green flashing light on it, and s small keyboard of numbers next to the screen. Just before it, there is a small pile of bodies. They appear to have been dead for a while. He slowly approaches them, kicks them slightly, then when he's satisfied they're dead, walks around them. He reaches the monitor and is about to press a button when he hears a soft chuckling behind him. He whips around to see one of the dead bodies standing up. It appears to have very little control over it's body.

Body: Very well done, Captain Massacre Man.

Massacre Man: FUCK!

He shoots a spike into the bodt. It remains standing.

Body: Please, go ahead. I simply want to congratulate you on your success. You are clearly the superior beings.

Massacre Man: Fuck...you're that thing, aren't you? Secundum?

Body: Some call me that.

Massacre Man: But...why aren't you killing me?

Body: I just wanted to know...why? What motivated you to do this? All this work. Was it because of your duty as a captain? Was it because you were trying to survive? Or did you have something to prove? Think about it.

Massacre Man: I don't know what kind of mind game you're tying to play on me but it isn't working. I don't have time for this.

He pulls up his gun and shoots a spike into the bodies throat. It tries to speak but can't. Massacre Man laughs slightly, but then is shocked when the body turns and runs towards the door. It reaches a small panel next to them, then punches in a few buttons and the doors open. Massacre Man tries to shoot it but it won't die. He runs out of spikes. The body punches the panel, smashing the buttons. The doors stay open. It leans out the door, then screaches out a sound identical to the one that the Lux Lucis make. It is followed a few seconds later by a distant response from more creatures. The body smiles, turns and salutes to Massacre Man, then it falls limply to the floor. Massacre Man swears under his breath. Ending credits roll to the sound of creatures approaching.

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Opening credits roll. Fade to a shot of the two crashed space stations. Fade to a short montage of slow motion clips showing; Flayed and V fighting, Dante sitting by the large machinery. Gorephobia, Monalisa, Chronogrl and Papillon Noir carefully edging through corridors. Chronogrl dives ahead and tackles a Lux Lucis. Fade back to V and Flayed fighting. There are dead bodies all around them. Flayed is looking hurt, covered in bruises and blood.

V: Hang in there!

Flayed: These things don't let up!

A creature grabs him from behind and pulls his head back, ready to cut his throat with it's nail. Flayed yells and stabs his flaming sword into the face of the creature.

V: Come on. Let's go!

He shoots the last Lux Lucis in the eye and the two of them start running. There's a faint pounding. The floor is shaking slightly. A short clip shows the same thing happening to Gore and the rest. Cut back to V and Flayed.

Flayed: What was -

V: I don't know. But I don't think it sounded very good.

The pounding gets louder.

V: Come on...I think we should leave.

The ground shakes to the point that it almost knocks them off their feet. A loud roar echos down the hall.


The two of them start running. Something smashes through the floor, throwing the two of them forward. V lands on his feet, turns and sees Flayed still on the floor. He runs back and grabs him, pulling him away from the large thing. It's a strange grey tentacle tipped with a solid ball of bone and covered in strange spikes. It's pulsating violently. The two of them run further, heading towards a door. A huge scythe like spike stabs up through the floor in front of them and rips downwards, pulling the ground with it. V throws Flayed over it, then jumps. As he does, another of the boulder tipped appendages flies up, smashing into his leg, but he still lands on the other side.

V: GO!

Flayed doesn't hesitate, running forward. V, clutching his leg still, shoots the appendage, which sinks back down. V looks back at Flayed who is going through the door. He winces in pain as he clicks his leg back into place, then dives down the hole. Fade to Gorephobia and the rest of them. They're in a large room filled with bile. Chronogrl is gouging out the eyes of a Lux Lucis.

Monalisa: Why are we following this bitch?

Gorephobia: Watch it!

Chronogrl: Calm down, Gorephobia. I think we've gathered I don't need you to look after me.

Gorephobia: I'm sorry.

Chronogrl: Jesus, grow some balls. Stop being so nice to me.

Gorephobia: Okay...

She turns to him.

Chronogrl: There you go again!

Papillon Noir: Can we cut to domestic?

Chronogrl: No, I need to sort this out.

Gorephobia: I will.

Chronogrl: There you go again! Always doing what I say. Is this because you feel you owe me? What? It doesn't make up for what you did. You left me...I was so young.

Gorephobia: I know.

Chronogrl: We didn't speak for years. Now, you've come back into my life and even though we're surrounded by a colony of mutated crew members but you still keep sucking up to me!

Gorephobia: I'm just trying to be nice!

Chronogrl: We don't need nice! We need a fucking fighter!

Gorephobia: I think we've got that in you, haven't we? You've become some kind of Xena thing! What happened to you?

Chronogrl: I adapted!

The two of them are right in front of each other.

Gorephobia: No. You became some kind of messed up, insane, bloodhound!

The two of them glare at each other, then without warning begin kissing passionately.

Papillon Noir: Christ...

Monalisa: Is this really the fucking time?

Papillon Noir: These two scare me.

Monalisa: Just leave them!

Papillon Noir: Then what? Look where we ended up last time we were on our own. Speaking of which...shit.

Monalisa: What?

Papillon Noir: I'm still...pregnant.

Chronogrl stops kissing Gore and turns to Papillon Noir.

Chronogrl: This might hurt a little.

Chronogrl uses one hand to effortlessly open Papillon Noir's mouth, then sticks a finger in the back of her throat. Papillon gags a bit, then pukes up. The creature doesn't come up with it.

Monalisa: What did that achieve?

Chronogrl: Any second now...

Papillon Noir starts coughing, and blood comes up.

Chronogrl: Right on queue!

She runs up behind Papillon Noir and begins giving her the Heimlich. The creature still doesn't come up.

Chronogrl: Hmmm.

Gorephobia: What do we do now?

Chronogrl: I suppose...we wait. But before the birth, we're gonna have some trouble.

Monalisa: What?

Chronogrl: In a couple of seconds, we're gonna have quite a few of those things in here.

Monalisa and Gorephobia look at her, confused.

Chronogrl: I can hear them. And what? Did you think you could kill things and have arguments in the main nest thing without being heard?

She laughs slightly. The sound of approaching creatures echoes through the halls. Ending credits roll.

The Ferrets like it...
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Episode 27

Opening credits roll. Fade to Massacre Man tapping frantically at the keyboard. The screech of the Lux Lucis is deadly close. He turns to the door, then back to the small computer.

:Enter Captain Personal Code...
:Incorrect Code
:Two more tries before lock

Massacre Man: Fuck!

:Incorrect Code
:One more try before lock

Massacre Man: What was it?!

A creature reaches the door and runs at him. He pulls a small TASER from his pocket and shoots the creature with it. It halts for a few moments, writhing in the pain, but then it regains itself and dives at him. He punches it, but it isn't enough, and the creature pins him down and starts clawing at him. He punches at it and manages to push it off him.

Lux Lucis: Feisty one!

Massacre Man: When will you freaks die?!

He takes a curved knife from his pocket and brandishes it at the creature who dives at him again. It stabs a claw into his chest as Massacre Man drives the dagger into it's throat several times. He pushes it off himself once more and stands up. He painfully walks to the monitor, clutching his chest, and types in more numbers. More creatures rush through the door.


The creatures reach him just as he types "6" to the end. They take him to the ground and begin clawing and biting, shouting wildly. Within seconds, one of his arms is ripped of. He uses his other one to take something from his belt. It's a small circular object. One of the creatures rips it from his hand and bites into it. The ball explodes in the creature's mouth, showering Napalm everywhere. The creatures scream out in pain as the napalm burns over all of them. Massacre Man, burning too, manages to pull himself up to the Monitor and press a button.

:Code Accepted.
:Emergency Black Fusion Startup...

As his skin quickly burns away from him and the flames around him grow, the creatures wriggling around the floor, Massacre Man smiles slightly and moves his hand up to his forehead, saluting. Fade to Dante, sitting alone in front of the Black Fusion machine. It slowly starts up, the large metal contraption starts spinning and a small black star like object appears in the middle of it.

Dante: He did it...he made it there!

He grabs the bomb and runs towards the machine. He holds the bomb over his head. Images of the dead body of Hammerfan flash into his mind. Then images of the creatures, and of the light. The voice of his mind can be heard.

Dante: Is this progression? This? Is it worth it?...Yes. It must be. They'll lose their souls if- lose their souls? Is that any worse than this? What souls have these things got?

He lowers the bomb.

Dante: Progression. Ha! Look around you. Look at what's happened. Your entire ship...can you truly let this go forward? If you can call it that. Hammerfan. Ferretchucker. All of them. The pain caused by it all.

A tear drips from his eye. He looks at the dead body of Hammerfan, then turns and, carrying the bomb, walks towards the ladder. Fade to Doc Faustus, standing in a large circular room with circular doors around it. He goes up to a large panel in the middle of the room and sets his gun down.

Secundum: The wire it next to the Green lever. It is under a small panel. Repair it.

Doc Faustus: I am!

Secundum: Good...do it fast!

Doc takes a blade from his gun and pries open the panel, revealing several wires.

Doc Faustus: What do I do?

Secundum: The wire is split. Simply join the two sides of it.

Doc puts his hand into the bank of wires, then hesitates.

Doc Faustus: Please don't make me do this...

Secundum: YOU MUST.

Doc Faustus: Please...do it yourself. You can.

Secundum: I thought we understood each other...

Doc Faustus: So did I...

Secundum: Please, do not test me.

Doc Faustus: Why can't you do....

Doc Faustus thinks for a moment, then steps back from the panel, a faint smile on his face.

Doc Faustus: You...can't.

Secundum: Do as I say!

Doc Faustus: Or what...you can do nothing. Nothing at all. That's why you made me do this...why you made me do all of this!

Secundum: I will-

Doc Faustus: NO. It is my turn. It's all so...so clear. You needed me because you can't do it yourself. You've become weak. Used up all your power...making the things, hiding the crash from all radars and guiding the ships. It was too much in one go.

Secundum: I have more power than you know...

Doc Faustus: If you did, those creatures would be gone by now.

He begins laughing slightly, then he stops.

Secundum: Whether or not I can force you...what reason do you have not to do it? Think of what you have already done. You betrayed the human race. You betrayed those who tried to help you. You have nothing.

Doc Faustus: It was all for nothing...I could have stopped.

Secundum: But you didn't. But if you help me. Help the Lux Lucis, then those people wouldn't have died for no reason...

Doc Faustus closes his eyes for a moment, then walks up to the panel and grabs the two wires.

Secundum: You may not be human any more...but you are something so much better.

Doc Faustus stops.

Doc Faustus: What did you say?

Secundum: Connect the wires.

Doc Faustus: No.

Secundum: You have nothing.

Doc Faustus: I have my humanity.

Secundum: No. You destroyed that.

Doc Faustus: What? No. You're wrong.

Secundum: DO IT!

Doc Faustus: Get your creatures to do it!

Secundum: They cannot. They're large hands and claws make it impossible.

Doc Faustus: Then you will go without.

Secundum: What? No.

Doc Faustus: I suppose you will have to wait until you get enough power or energy.

Secundum: You do not understand! Something so small and precise, it is difficult. The creatures will starve before I-

Doc Faustus: Then you will have to find another way!

Secundum: So this is your choice? Then I regret, I will have to withdraw my order on the creatures. Lux Lucis...you are free to feed.

Instantly, creatures drop from the ceiling and attack him. He uses the knife to fight them, then grabs the gun and begins firing. They soon over power him, but he keeps firing. He punches a button next to one of the doors and it opens, revealing an escape pod filled with creatures. They dive on him.

Secundum: Was it worth it? Really? You are the monster in this...

Doc Faustus: NOO! I'M HUMAN! I'M HUMAN!

His shouts soon die out as his blood and insides fly around. The camera shows the green wire, then a few flash backs of the people he killed and the betrayals he made. Ending credits roll.

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Episode 28

Opening credits roll. Fade to a shot of the two crashed ships. Fade to Gorephobia, Monalisa, Chronogrl and Papillon Noir. Papillon Noir is puking up blood whilst the other three are preparing for the fight ahead of them. Within a few seconds, the creatures start pouring in, from all directions. Monalisa is swinging a large piece of metal around at them, slicing efficiently.

Gorephobia: JESUS! How many are there?!

One of them dives from the ceiling and takes him to the floor. Chronogrl sees what's happenings and rushes in, quickly clearing them from him. Gore is wincing in incredible pain as his burnt skin has been cut by the large claws of the Lux Lucis.

Chronogrl: You must have more than that!

Monalisa: Keep fighting!

She slashes one of the creature's arms off and laughs in glee as it falls backwards, clutching it's stump.

Gorephobia: Why aren't they going for her?!

He nods at Papillon Noir, who is keeled over, a small hand poking from her mouth.

Chronogrl: She's giving birth to one of them, genius!

A creature stabs her in the eye with one of it's claws. Gorephobia uses the small pitchfork like object from his pocket to impale the creature. Chronogrl grabs her bleeding eye and pulls it out. There are very few creatures left in the room now.

Chronogrl: Crap...

Gorephobia: What?

Chronogrl: You know I'm kind of-

She breaks one of the creatures neck.

Chronogrl: Odd.

Gorephobia: Yeh.

Chronogrl: It's because I'm similar to them.

Monalisa stabs the metal into the last creature.

Gorephobia: What are you on about?

Chronogrl: There's this thing called Secundum.

Gorephobia: I know, I know. The captain from AM03 explained it to me.

Chronogrl: In the café I told you the reason those guys ran away from me wasn't just Roshiq. They were scared. Well...when that Secundum thing broke free of Earth, it came and helped me. But it's energy...

Gorephobia: Are you telling me you...evolved?

She looks up at him and nods.

Chronogrl: And there's more than that...

Gorephobia: Like what? You fell in love with...

The look on her face says it all.

Gorephobia: You...YOU WHAT?

Chronogrl: I knew this was happening...he told me. And I was going to be his. All his.

Gorephobia: I can't believe what I'm hearing.

Monalisa: Do you mind explaining what the fuck you two are-

Chronogrl: Shut the hell up and help her.

Monalisa glares, but reluctantly goes over to Papillon Noir and starts easing the creature out of her mouth. Papillon Noir is very pale.

Chronogrl: But he just...he just betrayed me. That's why I'm killing these things. Revenge.

Gorephobia: Wait...you knew this was going to happen and you didn't warn anybody?!

Chronogrl: I wanted this to happen...it was all going to-

Gorephobia: You didn't warn me?

Chronogrl: Why would I?

Chronogrl: I was furious at you...you left me there. You knew what was going to happen.

Gorephobia: I was scared!

Chronogrl: I WAS RAPED!

Gorephobia: I'm sorry!

Monalisa: Got it!

She's holding a small creature. She slices it's neck open with the metal.

Monalisa: We're going back. She can't fight in her state and I can't leave her here.

Nobody says anything.

Monalisa: So you two are staying...can't say I'm upset about it.

She picks up her piece of metal and walks out a door way with Papillon Noir.

Gorephobia: So you wanted me dead? That's why you arranged to meet me?

Chronogrl: You abandoned me. But if you hadn't...maybe I wouldn't have ended up like this.

Gorephobia: I just...

He loses his train of thought.

Chronogrl: But you're also the last thing that connects me to my former self. And I am somebody new. It's time to end what I was and carry on as I am meant to be.

Gorephobia: I don't understand.

Chronogrl: I've been holding this back for years...so many years.

Gorephobia: You wanted me dead...

Small tears are streaming down his face.

Chronogrl: These creatures. They're nothing. But I was counting on them killing you. But they couldn't. You see...when you came to me, when you found me. It was all too good. I couldn't let them kill you.

Gorephobia: No...please. Not now. I'm sorry for what I did to you. Please...

Chronogrl: It's time for change. And with my parents dead, my brother...you were the only other person truly in my life. And I have to move forward.

Gorephobia: Please don't.

He's backing away from her slowly.

Chronogrl: It's too late. I've distracted you long enough now. Are you feeling...light headed?

Gorephobia: What?

Chronogrl: Something I learned very soon...one change in me. My saliva. It's not ideal for kissing.

She moves towards him and puts her face near his. He looks terrified.

Chronogrl: By now the toxins will be taking effect. It happens quite quickly.

Gorephobia: I'm sorry.

He's crying. She kisses him on the forehead, grabs the side of his head with each hand and twists. There's a sick breaking sound. His eyes move to look up at her.

Chronogrl: I won't lie to you. It will hurt. Your brain should be swelling already. I'd say you have about three minutes left. Don't worry. The creatures will think you're dead.

She winks at him, then turns around and walks away. The camera moves close to his eyes, which are bulging in their sockets. Fade to Papillon Noir and Monalisa.

Monalisa: Hurry up.

Papillon Noir is trying to keep up, but her eyelids are drooping and her skin is still very pale.

Papillon Noir: Why the sudden change?

Monalisa: What?

Papillon Noir: You keep changing from bitch to friendly. Why?

Monalisa: I don't know. I see something of myself in you. You're determined. Strong.

Papillon Noir: So was that other woman back there.

Monalisa: There was something not right about her. Something I couldn't put my-

She stops suddenly. Someone has stepped out in front of her.

Monalisa: ROSHIQ!

The cyborg looks at her.

Roshiq: You will...surrender.

The two of them slowly put their hands up.

Monalisa: Roshiq. It's me.

Roshiq: I know...YOU WILL SURRENDER.

Papillon Noir: We have.

He looks at her.

Roshiq: HOSTILE.

Out of one of the many guns in his legs, a series of small darts fire into Papillon Noir.

Monalisa: NO!

Papillon Noir: AH! WHAT THE- AHHHHHHHHH!!!

Roshiq: HOSTILE!

The skin around the small darts slowly begins melting away as the acid within them burns at her.

She tries to run but the bullets from another of his guns soon take out her legs and she falls to the floor screaming. At last, turns, walks towards her as she tries to crawl away from him and slashes her neck open with his large claws.

Monalisa: Roshiq...what have you done?

He turns to her.

Roshiq: Ho...Hos...

Monalisa: No...It's me.

She takes a small step towards him. His guns focus on her.

Monalisa: I'm your friend.

The guns lower slightly as he looks at her.

Monalisa: Trust me.

She stands directly in front of him and smiles slightly. He smiles too, albeit painfully.

Monalisa: What have you become?

She lays a hand on his shoulder.


Monalisa: What?

Before she can react, he has stabbed all of his long claws into her chest and another blade on a metal arm sticking from his leg slashes her left leg off as her right leg is torn apart by a shotgun blast from another gun. Finally, the flamethrower sticking from his eye destroys her face in seconds as a full powered, blue flame shoots into it. He drops her lifeless body on the floor.

Roshiq: Hostiles eliminated.

Ending credits roll.

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Opening credits roll. Fade to a shot of a large space station with the letters CA01 on the side. Fade to inside the bridge. A woman takes a headset of and lays it on the desk in front of her.

Missmacabre: Captain. The AM05 started up their black fusion.

Urgeok: Really? Well, the AM03 should be near by.

Missmacabre: They should. I tried to make contact with them but they were unresponsive. In fact, there has been no word from the AM03 for over a week.

Urgeok: Keep trying to contact them. If they remain unresponsive we'll have to send out a probe.

Fade to a shot of the two crashed stations. Fade to V. He's crouching in a dust filled corridor.

V: Come on...where are you?

A huge boulder swings at him. He jumps over it just in time, but as he lands the spiked tentacle swings across. He tries to duck underneath it but one of the spikes slices at his shoulder. He turns and runs down the corridor. The sounds of the creature chasing him follow.

V: Open space...

He reaches a door, and above it is a large yellow M. He rushes inside. It's a McDonalds with tables and desks everywhere. He runs to the other side of the room and dives over the counter. Within seconds, the wall with the door he ran through smashes open. When the dust clears, the creature is revealed.

V: Nice...

The creature is roughly eight feet from the ground to the top of it's head. It has four legs on either side and moves like a scorpion. It's face has two large eyes which are bright white. It's nose appears to be broken in several places and is squashed to the face. The mouth is small, and has several barbed tentacles surrounding it. On either side of it's body are the large spiked tentacles, and it's tail it the boulder tipped tentacle. Each leg has four joints in it. There are small pieces of humanity sticking from the creature. A mutated hand protrudes from it's temple. On the side of it's neck is the face of The Return, his face contorted into a scream. He speaks in a gargled voice.

Freak: Let's end this!

V stands up from the counter and starts firing at Freak. Freak leaps at V but the tables slow him down long enough for V to run into the back room. He slams the door shut and jumps up through the ceiling. He stays there until the large boulder slams into the room. He drops down on top of it and clings on as it swings back to Freak. He runs up Freak's tail, firing the gun down into him, but both the spiked tentacles swing at him and throw him through the next wall. He falls down a stairwell.

Freak: You didn't think it would be that easy, did you?

He dives down the stairwell at V, who looks up just in time to see Freak land on top of him. Freak wraps the tentacles around him mouth around V's neck and tightens them. V drops the gun.

Freak: You never stood a chance. I know what you are. I'm not taking any chances!

V pulls out a huge hunting knife and hacks at the tentacles until they let go. As he quickly gets up, one of Freak's legs slams down on him. V breaks the leg at one of the joints with his bare hands. He crawls away then jumps down the stairwell. Cut to Dante. He's fighting a Lux Lucis. He uses the large spikes sticking from his sides to disembowel the creature. He looks around him, clutches his head, then screams in pain.


Suddenly, his mouth rips wide open, stretching outwards. His muscles suddenly to immense sizes and his skin turns a tough grey colour. He picks up the bomb and places it on his back. Strange tentacles reach out and clutch it, keeping it tightly there. He punches out the wall, showing the AM03 on the other side. He throws himself through the void of space and with the speed he's carrying lands on the outer wall. He clutches on tightly, and punches at a window. It smashes. He rips out the wall around it and crawls through. Once he's inside, he lets out a loud roar/ scream which rings throughout the ship. It is answered by calls from the Lux Lucis.

Dante: Get off my ship...

Ending credits roll.

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Opening credits roll. Fade to a short montage of slow motion clips. The probe returning to Urgeok's ship and people going on to a rescue mission entering the small inter station ship. V fighting with Freak, Gorephobia's eyes looking around frantically, Chronogrl killing a group of Lux Lucis, Roshiq approaching from behind and Dante smashing the skulls of several Lux Lucis. The screen shows the countdown of the bomb "00:13:03, 00:13:02, 00:13:01. Fade back to V and Freak. Freak's tail smashes through the walls of a whole corridor and the rubble flies into V. As he flies through the air V shouts.


He hits the wall and the rubble lands on top of him. and Freak advances. Freak stabs both spikes into the pile of rubble.

Freak: Shishkeba-

He pulls the spikes out to see that one of them is broken.

Freak: What one Earth?

V: Actually, we're in a space station!

He throws the rubble off of him. Freak jumps forward, screaming. V jumps into the air and runs along Freak's back. Freak darts around and pursues him. V runs up a stairs case. Freak doesn't follow. V comes out at a corridor and hurries down in. The ground shudders and the huge tail smashes up through the floor. It knocks V off his feet. He quickly recovers and arrives at Monalisa's door.

V: Perfect!

He rushes in and picks up several long knives with a bulky mechanical handle. He also picks up two Micro SMGs. He looks around him. Everything's quiet.

V: Holy crap!

The two spikes shoots through the ground. Both narrowly miss him. He goes to run but then the boulder tipped tail smashes through the outside wall and knocks out the floor from under his feet. He falls onto Freak, who's back end it sticking out the destroyed outer wall, waving around, being sucked by the vacuum outside. The tail swipes at him again but V anticipates it and ducks. As he does, he drives one of the knives into Freak's back. A small red light starts flashing on it. V jumps off of Freak but one of the spikes acts fast and shoots through his shoulder, pinning him to the wall. Freak laughs slightly, but then his face turns to shock as the knife explodes, leaving a dinner plate sized hole in him. Blood sprays everywhere.

V: Just give up.

Freak: Never!

V: You really don't know...do you?

Freak's tail smashes at V's legs but V moves them up so only one foot is crushed.


Freak: The great V, he senses death is near so-

V: You need to know who you are!

Freak glares up at V with a look of confusion and anger.

Freak: I have no need for who I was...that me is gone now. He is dead.


Freak: There is no going back. I am now the ultimate form.

V: That isn't what I mean!

Freak: I'll humor you...

He twists the spike slightly and V winces in pain. He uses the other, broken spike to rip the Micro SMGs from V's belt.

V: Look at your leg...

Freak: What purpose does this serve?

V: The one I broke...look at it.

Freak twists the spike again, then looks down at his leg. A small fraction of a tattoo is on it. It is about one third of a clock and every one of the outer figures is the word DIE.

Freak: Time to die...that's cute. Whoever I was obviously had a sense of humor.

V: Yes...I do.

Freak: What?

V points down at his trousers.

V: Take a look.

Freak: You're getting some kind of pleasure out of this.

V: You can see it's true...just prove it to yourself. Look.

Freak is apprehensive, but then the boulder on the end of his tail begins shaking. It shatters and falls off, replaces by a strange scissor like tip that keeps opening and closing menacingly. The tail shoots forward and before V can do anything it cuts off his leg. V screams out in pain.

Freak: Sorry...did you mean tear the trousers?

He uses the broken spike to pick up the leg and bring it closer to his face and he uses the tail to cut off the trousers. Sure enough, is the rest of the clock.

Freak: I...I don't understand. You're there...

V: I *winces* remember.

Blood pours from his new stump.

Freak: TELL ME.

He twists the spike even more. Blood trickles down from V's shoulder too.

V: I will when you...ease up...

Freak reluctantly twists the spike back to a more comfortable position.

V: The light...Secundum. When it reached me. The light. I had been wronged. My beloved...she wasn't...honest.

Freak: She was having an affair...

V: Behind my back she was in the arms of another.

Freak: I planned to kill her...

V: I did...it was extreme but I couldn't take any more.

Freak: She deserved it.

V: So full of hate...blood lust.

Freak: The light came just a few minutes too soon...

V: All those bad thoughts. Those thoughts of killing, of hindering the human race. Troubled...as it already is. They materialized.

Freak: I was...made. I am you. I...I...ha. HA!

He becomes laughing manically.

V: You are pure hatred materialize-

Freak twists the spikes again and rushes his face towards V.

Freak: All this time...I was fighting against my other side. My human side. I thought I had to push it down...but you're it. HA!

V: Oh shit!

The tail darts forward straight as V's face. V puts his hands up and grabs it. They struggle for a moment and V holds the scissors open, then begins moving it down towards the spike in his shoulder. Freak twists it almost full circle. V winces but keeps moving it. The blunt spike rushes around in stabs into V's chest painfully. V keeps moving the tail, then as it hovers around the spike, slams it shut. The spike breaks. V then rips the scissors open the other way, splitting them at the joint and pulls the spike out of his shoulder. He falls from the wall but the blunt spike holds him up. Freak screams out in pain and anger. He thrashes and the spike in V's chest shoots underneath freak's body. Freak spins around and holds the spike out of the hole in the ship. V is out in the vacuum. As he starts to slide loose of the spike he's now clinging onto, Freak laughs. V can't hear it. V nods down at Freak's underbelly.

Buried in two of his back legs and the front of his underside are the mechanical knives. They all explode, throwing Freak off his feet. V seizes the opportunity and tugs the spike. Freak flies from the inside of the station and both he and V shoot through space. They fly through the abyss, the light of Secundum appears ahead of them. They get close then something large collides with them. Everything goes black. Ending credits roll.

The Ferrets like it...

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