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Post Takashi Shimizu: Director of The Grudge

Director of the ghostly new horror movie, The Grudge, talks exclusively to Horror.com about all kinds of scary stuff [details]
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Smile Takashi Shimizu

I have seen both the American and Japanese versions of almost all his films I can get my hands on and I really think that the originals are so much better. I don't know why it has to be Americanized when itís as great as is; I don't even mind reading subtitles. I think his work is by far scary then Freddy or Jason movies. His films are truly scary and creepy to me. I watch Freddy and Jason and I think ok whatever but I watch his films and I'm off to find something funny to watch next so I sleep better. He is by far one of my favorites and I wish he really knew just how much Americans really do love his work as is. :)
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