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Just bought the two volume compendium of the comic but afraid to find spoilers for the TV series - should I be worried?
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Originally Posted by Zero View Post
Just bought the two volume compendium of the comic but afraid to find spoilers for the TV series - should I be worried?
Yes and no, some things happen relatively the same way they do in the comics and other things are changed drastically. It's really a crapshoot to what the writers keep the same in the television show and what they change completely.
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Really enjoying this series. I've been binge reading for months and recently finished the "All Out War" story arc.
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Been reading the series for years. Love it.

The last few nights I've read the paperbacks volumes 22,23 and 24.

Great stuff. Love the changes they've made after the War arc.
I wonder if the TV show are willing to do the same changes??
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The Walking Dead (TV show):

'we need this thing'
'but it's far away'
'lets send a main and a side character to get it'
'oh no, the side character got killed by the zombies'

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walking dead is one of my favorite series, i have been reading it for a couple years and i am up to volume 24 of the trade paperbacks (#139-144 of the single issues according to amazon) and i am kind of sad about it because for a really long time i always had more to read and now i have to wait for the next trade to come out and i am not good at waiting.
i love the art style and i love the characters and the world feels very grounded in reality and it seems like it might get repetitive but so far the story has stayed interesting to me and every time they come across a new villain or something it seems like a new challenge and some times they introduce a new character and i am thinking that it's about to go a certain way but it goes in a direction i never would have expected. sometimes we meet a new person and i am thinking that there is no way that person is not a lunatic but it turns out they are awesome. i don't want to ruin it for anyone so i can't be specific but so it's kind of hard to explain in detail the things i like about it but in a general way i think that covers it.
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