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Thumbs up The Road

Have you heard of the new film coming out titled The Road? A friend of mine works for Freestyle Releasing the company releasing the film and said it was one of the best horror films to date! I found the trailer on there Facebook page and it looks freakin sweet!

Hers a link to the page and I strongly recommend giving it a LIKE

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The Road

Yo! I have heard about this film too. I wish I had a friend at the freaking film company. I know it came out in the Phillipines and got great reviews. I love the new trailer. Can't wait to catch this one!
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Which community college did you two learn this "marketing technique" at?
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Worst movie... EVER!!!!

Heard from a bunch of people including the director and the producer that this was a piece of shit movie with a laughable low budget. Told me to avoid at all costs.

Just sayin.. :rolleyes:

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i didnt click your link so i assume its not this one

either way i dont wanna see either
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I dont know what you guys where watching but i put The Road in my favourite movie i have seen this year.I know it has been about one or two years but i only got to see it a few weeks ago and it blew me away.

It is hugely depressing i have to say,but that is the point.The end of the world have been and gone and what is left is nothing but misery for the last few people alive.The father and son story is compelling,the father trying to teach the son how to survive in a world turned upside down.

Fighting hunger and cold as well as cannibalism is a scary thought.I was glued from start to finish.I simply cannot believe how anyone can call this movie bad.It is an astonishing tale of desperation.There is no happy ending or stupid teens having sex,it is a story of real horror,or a horror which could very easily come true.

If you want a fast action,blood and guts kind of film then this isnt for you but if you want a heart rending thought provoking soul searching flic then go for it.I dont care what anyone else says about it i loved every single moment of it.

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Ok,i have just re-read the above posts and i think we have our wires crossed here.The Road on the link is not The Road i am talking about.Oooops.:D

The Road i am speaking of is the awesome Viggo Mortensen one,just to clarify.
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I have seen the Filipino horror The Road; it's decently made & the plot actually had some potential as it offers a good story with some fine camera works. Particularly liked its backward format in revealing the back story but may be for its script or whatever found the film bit flat overall. Moreover, the cast didn't deliver a convincing job. And lastly, thought that twist at the end was quite unnecessary & silly.
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How hard is it to come up with an original title?
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Originally Posted by Roderick Usher View Post
How hard is it to come up with an original title?
absolutely- they should have called it ON THE ROAD! (or perhaps POOP ON THE ROAD)
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