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My indie horror/cyberpunk comic purg

This is my horror/cyberpunk comic, view able online, 5 of 8 chapters are up,
the horror aspects are mostly lovecraft inspired


Feedback is always appreciated, and if you like it follow/like/watch me on twitter/facebook/deviantart
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Chapter 6 is up! Enjoy >=)
Chapter 7 (2nd last chapter) will be up around April 1rst. Char profiles soon.


I have started book 2, 4 1/2 pages are inked. Plz help me make Purg by donating (paypal on my main page) any amount helps and is greatly appreciated.
I may be looking into putting Book 1 to print, details later on fundraising and how to get a signed copy.

Contact me for ad space in purg book 2 purgcomic@gmail.com (show your company/band/personal logo on a building vid board<s> or on clothing in my comic, up to full page ads illustrated by me in the theme/style of Purg)

http://twitter.com/#!/Purgcomic <-follow me
http://www.facebook.com/pages/purgco...80445308659418 <-like me
http://j2040.deviantart.com/ <-watch me
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Scares Little Kids
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BOOK 1 finished!

Last chapter is up! >= ) Enjoy the finally finished book 1


I have started inking book 2 and am 1 page from chapter 1 being inked. I'll let everyone know when chapter 1 and cover art will be view-able. I am planning on putting book 1 to print, any donations to make this happen and to help me make book 2 are very much appreciated.

Contact me for advertising space in book 2, have your logo/webpage/etc on video boards or clothing or more within the comic.

http://twitter.com/#!/Purgcomic follow me
http://www.facebook.com/pages/purgco...80445308659418 like me
http://j2040.deviantart.com/ watch me
purgcomic@gmail.com contact me
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purg comic cyberpunk

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