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A seemingly never-ending search for horror anthology

Hi everyone, I'm new to the site and really hoping someone might be able to help me! Sorry if this the wrong place for this type of post!

I'm looking for the title of a particular horror anthology book...

I picked it up back somewhere between 1989 and 1991 at school and I assume it was published between late 70's and 80s in the UK, aimed at teens. I can vaguely remember two stories (apologies for the sketchiness of my memory).

1) A family move to an old house, which was still at least partially furnished, left over from the previous occupants. The Daughter finds a painting of a doll, and the doll itself. At some point she manages to break one of the fingers of the doll, and the painting changes to reflect the damage.

2) A family find a wooden plaque screwed to a wall of their basement in a new house (I don't remember that moving was an overall theme of the anthology, but it could have been!). They decide to remove it from the wall and find a pair of extremely realistic eyes behind it. Beyond that all I can recall is the floor of the basement eventually vanishes, swallowing the father, whilst the rest of the family has to escape.

Do either of these stories ring any bells at all? This has been driving me nuts for years, and I've not been able to locate it at all for my searching...

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