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Lightbulb Jazil

The modern world is filled with Internet-users who adopt various creative/colorful chatroom aliases (or 'avatars'). The word avatar is a Hindu term signifying a manifestation of a deity, but we use the word 'avatar' now to refer to anything of a certain creative/expressive 'characterization' (not unlike a simple Halloween character-costume!).

We can see then the modern interest in 'naming' or ascribing names to various monsters, ghouls, and demons. Certainly, iconic horror films such as Friday the 13th and Halloween thrive on the colorful 'characterization' of ghouls/monsters with names --- i.e., Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers, Leatherface, etc.

This process of using 'personality-labels' to re-present monstrosity perhaps reflects our modern age networking-trust etiquette considerations (e.g., popularity of trusted eBay merchants with well-known aliases/avatars).

Old world literature respected the deification of fantastic gods/spirits (e.g., Anubis, Zeus, etc.), and today, we see colloquial attempts at translating social subconscious fears into 'communicated conversational labels' --- e.g., Jeepers Creepers, Ghoulies, etc.

So how does all this 'naming' affect our perspective on horror-novels, exorcism-tales, ghost-stories, and of course, adapted scary movies?

This one I fashioned was inspired by the fear-label films Fallen and Candyman and the fright-characterization horror-novel Misery.

I've invented a new demon whose name is Jazil (neither male nor female); I drew the name of a Kentucky Derby horse (Jazil) who won the Belmont Stakes before dying in a paddock accident last decade.


Alas the knight was sent by the Vatican to hunt down the nefarious forest-demon Jazil who lived in the woods of the Pine Barrens of New Jersey (USA). Jazil prowled around the Pine Barrens and terrorized campers looking to get away from the hustle-and-bustle of modern civilization. Jazil was a minion of hell and an 'employee' of Satan. Once an angel of God presiding over fauna, Jazil decided to become a messenger of evil.

Alas was to search for Jazil and decode his modus operandi as well as his spiritual 'logic.' The analysis would be a terrific 'trophy' for the Vatican and for the Catholic Church. Alas read the police reports by Pine Barrens officers. According to the reports, a mysterious spook in the forest would kidnap campers, slit their throats and collect the blood dripping into a jar and leave it for the police to discover. The spook would also burn the bodies as if barbecuing them and then eat their genitals (as a gesture of cannibalistic 'pride').

"If Jazil is an advocate of Satan, he/she certainly knows about the lingering fears inside the reality of mental insanity. What kind of a freak would burn dead bodies to barbecue them and eat their genitals? The warriors of Ancient Sparta were known to want to fight without pants on so as to expose their genitals in some machismo-expression of bravado, and Jazil wanting to cannibalize campers in an expression of craven beast-like wrath suggests he is more 'shadowy' than a typical bizarre cannibal serial killer such as Jeffrey Dahmer or Ed Gein! I conclude that Jazil is some kind of 'fallen angel'." ~(Alas's last diary entry)~

As Alas camped in the Pine Barrens waiting for Jazil to arrive, he wondered about all of his adventures and if they properly trained him for this unusual confrontation with this 'fallen angel' who was exploiting humanity's terror regarding cannibalism and metropolis-escapism. Alas decided that Jazil had some eerie message about the corruption of Mother Nature and fertility itself and therefore preyed upon campers looking to escape life in the real world and reminding them therefore of the ever-present force of 'survivalism primitiveness.'

Finally, Jazil approached Alas's camp-site, and the two were engaged in a very stimulating conversation. Jazil respected Alas's conviction of being a 'Catholic knight' in the modern world, and Alas was intrigued by Jazil's probable history in the pantheon of Christian angels and demons. Alas was also curious about Jazil's relationship with Satan (the Devil).

JAZIL: You intrude into my realm as if you have some wisdom, Alas...
ALAS: I simply want to 'evaluate' your mind, Jazil!
JAZIL: What do you want to know?
ALAS: I know you want to kill/eat me, but I need to ask you some questions.
JAZIL: If your questions are appropriate/civil, I will answer them!
ALAS: I'll do my best. Alright, my first question is, 'Why are you a cannibal?'
JAZIL: Cannibalism is an expression of terrorism for me...
ALAS: Are you in league with Satan, trying to make a cannibalism podium?
JAZIL: I want to convey the omen that Wall Street is full of cannibals.
ALAS: I think you're talking about hypocrisy, but how is cruelty justified?
JAZIL: Mindless stockbrokers are silently 'praying' for a cathartic calamity.
ALAS: The mind can not simply 'absorb' the Apocalypse as a 'Prozac-pill.'
JAZIL: I agree, but I terrorize/eat these mindless campers to serve Satan!
ALAS: How is Satan served by eating the cooked genitals of victims?
JAZIL: These 'victims' are 'minions' of the world and likened to food.
ALAS: Well (that's clever!), humans do eat all kind of pig-parts, but genitals?
JAZIL: When we eat the brain of a cow as a delicacy, we neglect savagery...
ALAS: By attacking women as well as men, you frighten our faith in God.
JAZIL: The only way to stop me, Alas, is to convince me that Satan is ugly.
ALAS: The best way to define/defend beauty is to endorse literacy...
JAZIL: Perhaps I can concede that cannibalism feels 'cruel.'
ALAS: Leave the Pine Barrens, or I will expose Satan as a terrorist!


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