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I just wanted to know who died and I was going to check one of the forums to find out. But the show was almost over and I wanted to see who they had on the Talking Dead show. I'm always curious what Kevin Smith has to say as he cracks me up. It was 5 more minutes so I thought why not look at Walking Dead and see where the show is. I was surprised to see them still at that site in the forest. I thought did anything actually happen other than the death of someone in the group?

So after seeing who was on Talking Dead, I reluctantly decided to kind of watch Walking Dead. Basically off and on. I would have been disgusted if I watched that full episode with the continuing tease of who died. And it is truly torture porn. A fully deserved label more than with any movie. As it does go further with the graphic torture and senseless beating of hero characters than pretty much anything I can think of at this moment.

I remember after September 11th, people said some stuff in movies and tv shows was now off limits. Roger Ebert reviewed that really stupid Stealth movie and thought one scene was in poor taste if I remember correctly. I can't recall the movie or tv show which the mass audience finally said it's ok to see relevant or historical mass destruction again. I have read in places that when society is at war, entertainment can get more violent. I didn't have that much of a problem with that Spartacus show. Maybe because it was very stylized and at times over the top. Same goes for something like Ash vs Evil Dead and Grindhouse. I know Ebert wasn't too fond of Aliens originally as well and said something like he didn't know who would enjoy watching it. But the point is, there is a reason and ultimate point behind the flow of the story. What happens in Walking Dead seems to be both realistic and brutal just to be brutal. Stuff happens to main characters that would usually only happen to side characters, characters the audience didn't really like, or bad characters. And even then it would be quick or not given the kind and amount of shots like in Walking Dead. I know the character of Negan is proving a point. And I know in the Old West, people were somewhat brutal with hangings to show what happens to criminals. It's probably the lack of decent humanity on display that's disturbing here. And how that is all the show has to offer. It is how dark a bad guy can they continue to make and in what horrible or tragic way can they kill a main character. I stopped watching weekly around the season, and I guess I can spoil this since it was so long ago, when the pretty blonde girl was accidentally shot in the face in one of the dumbest standoffs I've ever seen. And those sort of scenes have only continued and been upped in the level of violence as we saw with this episode.

I know that in Night of the Living Dead, the people and conflict turn out to be just as dangerous if not more so than the zombies. But that's more of a conflict between who wants to be the leader and what they should do to survive the night. In Walking Dead, it's almost everyone you meet outside of your group is bad. I'm glad I don't watch the show regularly anymore because I'm positive it damages society in a way that your average horror tv show or movie doesn't even come close to. As it basically says the people in the next community, town, or city will want to take what you have and kill you when there is no law enforcement. And I can't believe a show like that is still popular.
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I thought i would be bored by the last episode and that it would just be another filler episode which is usually what happens when its about Morgan. But obviously the Kingdom is going to be important to the story and King Ezekiel is great.

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