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No Explotation

Originally Posted by neilold View Post
i've never being comfortable with this film. Its something about the personal exploitative nature of the film that just sits uncomfortably with me. I do actually love exploitation movies, however its the genre being exploited that i like, rather than individuals
It actually was not exploitation. Tod Browning performed in the circus prior to his stint as a director. After his success with Dracula the studio pulled up the money truck but also gave him 100% creative control to make whatever he wanted. Big mistake. Tod brought up some of his old friends (read circus freaks) and adapted the short store 'Spurs'. His passion project was of course a financial failure and pretty much signaled the end of his career. Tod certainly didn't think he was exploiting his friends, he was probably more happy to give them Hollywood paydays which I doubt the sideshow could even come close to matching.

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