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I missed the opening act but from what I saw I liked. It lived up to the hype it had received.
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I downloaded it off of Youtube using the Firefox plugin. In the process of watching it. So far, so good.
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i like that movie a lot but i get it.

i get why it might not be your cup of tea, it was important to movie history but sitting through it is a struggle for some people. i really like it but i don't really try to get other people to watch it because i know it might just be boring for a lot of people depending on their tastes in movies.
it think it's really pretty to look at and i love the stylized look of the sets and silent movies in general sort of amuse me but if you are not really into any of that i am not going to make you watch it.
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Absolutely masterpiece of not only horror cinema but cinema period. Others have posted here on the various ways and means of enjoying it but consider this: at nearly 100 years old it still maintains the ability to hold the attention and garner the admiration of many (accepted, not all) who view it. Can you name a horror film within the last 5 years that can make the same claim? 10 years? Yes, you can name good horror films during those time frames but films that, when shown to an audience completely 'in the dark' - no trailer, no IMDB listing, no Google research - walk away engaged, moved and something they will remember in another 5, 10 or even 50 years?

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