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Evil Dead
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The Girl Who Knew Too Much/Evil Eye

The Girl Who Knew Too Much is a black and white classic horror murder mystery from 1964, taking place in the center of Rome, Italy, starring a younger John Saxon and directed by Mario Bava. It is also one of the first of the horror giallo cult classics. It is about a young lady traveling to Italy from America to visit her Aunt who mysteriously passes in her sleep, then she gets robbed when walking to the hospital to report the incident. She then witnesses another lady getting murdered, only to have the corpse vanished without any traces or signs of it ever being there. This is another mystery with a lot of twists and turns, making the killer appear to be one person, then showing it is clearly not that person, and even when the mystery appears to be solved, something else then changes the whole turn of events. There is also a lot of funny humor in this one as well. The Evil Eye is the American cut on the movie, which basically tells the same story, only with some different scenes here and there, and their very endings are different. Those into the Italian giallo horror classics and/or Mario Bava should definitely check this one out.
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Well, I watched it ages ago, but found it was very dull. Slow moving movies tend to just bore me, to the point where I feel like I may fall asleep. But as an early example of the then new 'giallo' genre, it is worth seeing at least once, I guess.
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