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favorite horror movie from the 2000s?

was watching one of those watchmojo horror listson youtube
in particular the top 10 horror movies of the 2000s, their ranking was (i dont necessarily agree with this list)

10. drag me to hell
9. let the right one in
8. the ring
6. dawn of the dead (04)
5. final destination
4. paranormal activity
3. 28 days later
2. REC
1. Saw

honorable mentions: Hostel, Ginger snaps, the strangers, the devils rejects, trick r treat

what do you guys think of this list? I saw most of these in theater back when they came out, i'd probaly say 28 days later was my favorite on that list, and dawn of the dead 04 my least favorite,v

honestly I really liked Jeepers Creepers alot, the monster, the story, the horror, reminded me of the original texas chainsaw massacre a lil with the country setting,

there are many i like from those 10 years, anyone?
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Here are some of my favorites:

1. Blood Moon
2. Bonehill Road.
3. Damned by Dawn
4. Carnivore
5. Don't Speak
6. Antlers
7. Dark Was The Night
8. Dark Light
9. Project: Metalbeast
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American Psycho: 2000
Battle Royale: 2000
28 Days Later: 2002
The Ring: 2002
Saw: 2004
The Mist: 2007
Paranormal Activity: 2007
Trick R Treat: 2007
Let The Right One In: 2008
The Strangers: 2008
House of the Devil: 2009
Session: 2009
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For Me, THE DESCENT and YOU'RE NEXT were the best.

Also liked:


Just to name a few...
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Black Christmas ~ 2006
Ghosts of Mars ~ 2001
Session 9 ~ 2001
Martyrs ~ 2008
Inside ~ 2007
Valentine ~ 2001
30 Days of Night ~2007
Calvaire ~ 2004
Feardotcom ~ 2002
August Underground's Mordum~ 2003
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