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The haunting of hill house

First off just FYI, I made a thread here in a movie section looking for recommendations a year or two ago because I loved horror when I was younger but the newer movies are terrible imo. I hate the twitchy cgi crap.

So I watched “the outsider” and thought it was great, I was trying to find something along those lines and said what the hell I’ll try hill house. I didn’t expect it but it’s the best haunted house/ghost movie or tv show I’ve seen in a very long time. I haven’t been scared by a movie since I was probably 10 years old but there are times in this show where I genuinely get “the heeby jeebies” (lol spelling?)

I still have a few episodes left but I just wanted to recommend this to anyone looking for something to watch. And obviously I recommend “the outsider” as well.
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Binged Hill House in one weekend when it was released.

Just finished The Outsider. Loved it.
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Anything I should know about for my next show? There’s so much crap out there
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Rewatching the series all over again while waiting for the next season of Kingdom.
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