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Lightbulb Baz: Fated Warrior

I've always been fascinated by warlord/knight fables of graphic nature and how they 'connect' to fun horror-gore writing, so I created this short-story about a daring warrior named Baz whose exploits in a savage land illuminate perhaps why we horror-fans are tempted to relate fear (or doom!) with imaginative stories/images of great contextual fate ideals.

We see such 'potential bridgework' in horror-oriented films in recent times such as The Serpent and the Rainbow, Lord of Illusions, and Reign of Fire.

What do you think? What's your take on 'extrapolating' kingdom/warrior fable density to stimulate more kinds of graphic writing? This short-story is incidentally not too graphic, since it's meant to be presented as a 'stimulant/exposure' model.



Baz was a valiant but relentless knight living, fighting, and wandering in a realm of terrible barbarians, warlords, and vicious princes and evil kings. Baz was deeply in love with Queen Ezmerelda, of the kingdom of Gretel in the eastern portion of Earth (also known as Danix). Ezmerelda wanted Baz to fight against two ruthless individuals, one a warlord named Rummy and the other a wicked prince named Rex.

Baz knew about Rummy and Rex from various tales told by frightened villagers in Danix, near Ezmerelda's kingdom of Gretel! Baz understood that Rummy and Rex intended to make Danix a place of intolerable cruelty and accepted Queen Ezmerelda's mission. He hoped the fair Queen would marry him if he succeeded in destroying Rummy and Rex. Baz sat down and meditated to prepare mentally for what might turn out to be a monoliths battle or even crusade!

Baz sharpened his mighty sleek sword, which he named Elgeron. Baz was arguably the finest swordsman and warrior the world had ever seen, but his heart, softened by his deep love of Ezmerelda, made him now yearn for a life of peace. However, Rummy and Rex would make the lands of Danix and Ezmerelda's kingdom of Gretel completely miserable, so Baz resolved to fight first...before loving! Baz put on his armor and helmet one last time.

Baz traveled into the lands of Rummy and Rex which neighbored each other in the area of Danix. Baz noticed that Rummy and Rex's minions trolled through Danix, utterly destroying villages, kingdoms, and forests! These evildoers decapitated women and children, tortured men, and really demolished beautiful ancient castles including the monolithic one at Galadern. Baz concluded that Rummy and Rex were evil incarnate!

BAZ: If I fail to kill Rummy/Rex with my sword Elgeron, Danix (and Gretel) will be reduced to a mound of rubbish.

Baz decided to infiltrate the fortress of Rummy and Rex by cajoling their minion-warriors into thinking he was a 'wandering knight' who wanted to serve in their armies for pay. Rummy and Rex had erected a single fortress to share, since they began terrorizing Danix with their unified forces/armies. Baz remarked at the ambitious proportions of this fortress. When he gained entry, he noted the weaponry, the plundered meats and wines, the numerous snarling minion-warriors of Rummy/Rex, and the bevy of countless female sex-slaves, taken as trophies from conquered places.

Baz demanded to be taken into the inner-chamber of Rummy/Rex so he could 'formally' introduce himself and present himself as a skilled and ruthless mercenary-knight, eager to kill for them. The guardsmen and warriors seemed convinced Baz was a real 'man of savagery' and escorted him into the inner-chamber where Rummy and Rex were drinking ale and singing loudly. That's where Baz began debating with the vicious duo!

BAZ: You see that I'm a warrior with ambition...
RUMMY/REX: You boat a handsome sword!
BAZ: I have a face-covering helmet which I never remove...
RUMMY/REX: Yes, you're a real man of mystery!
BAZ: I come to inquire about the depravity of your deeds...
RUMMY/REX: Are you curious about enhancing our strength?
BAZ: I challenge you two to a 2-on-1 sword-fight...
RUMMY/REX: So you seek to confirm yourself with a test!
BAZ: Since you two are extremely violent, I crave adventure...

Rummy and Rex accepted the test-challenge of Baz, but the two drunken vicious individuals were in fact so eager to 'entreat' Baz's bold challenge that they decided to call in a random minion-warrior to fight (or rather to destroy!) before fighting Baz himself (and to work up a wicked sweat!). After decapitating and dismembering the 'volunteer pawn' warrior, Rummy/Rex ordered the ambitious Baz to prepare for their sword-fight and take a hearty stance!

After about 30 minutes of sword-fighting which included a slash at Baz's left-leg by Rummy and a swift piercing of Rex's left forearm by Baz's sword (Elgeron), Baz secured his footing. Rummy/Rex were quite strong and willful despite being half-drunk. Baz twisted and turned to use his sword (Elgeron) to decapitate Rummy before turning completely and elegantly around to hack off Rex's arms. As Rex lay on the ground, bleeding fast to death next to Rummy's decapitated body, he cursed at Baz! Baz looked Rex in the eye and said, "You're destroyed by an avenging force of fate."

Baz crept out of the fortress of Rummy/Rex through the single window and lowered himself down using his rope before setting fire to the fortress and riding away on his horse. Baz rode all the way to his beloved Queen Ezmerelda's castle and informed her of his awesome success. Ezmerelda was overjoyed and promised to marry Baz. The two would reign as worthy monarchs in Danix, and Baz would train the kingdom warriors to swiftly decapitate any future presence of evil/savagery, establishing Ezmerelda's great dominion of Gretel as a place of pure love. To signify/honor the bold valor of Baz, Queen Ezmerelda hung an upside-down painting of her helmeted-and-armored husband Baz in her castle library --- as a symbol of glee.

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