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What the shit?!?

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Food Poisoning...

So...not the first time,
Not the worst time - Yes, there was once an "out both ends" situation, and a couple of days that I actually felt like I might die.

*The Why*

This time was like the little brother of that occasion.
We had some lebanese style flame bbqd chicken (which I'd highly recommend if ever you have the access/occasion) and as usual, we put the leftover peices bagged in the freezer.
We took these out on Saturday morning, intending to have it that night.
Other things came up.
Late Sunday night, we pulled it apart, re-grilled it, and then put it on little pizzas.
I guess this was the mistake, waiting that second day.
I mean quality-point wise there was no sign of spoilage...it looked, smelled and tasted fine...in fact, it tasted great.
The pizzas had a mixture of passata and bbq sauce, chicken, mushroom and onion. Little oregano on top. Delicious poison.

*The slow descent*
So I was at work on Monday morning (which was probably like half way through most of your Sunday) and things were ok.
Wasn't very hungry, which isn't entirely out of the ordinary as I'm not big on breakfast much of the time.
I ate an apple.
I had some black coffee...which I wasn't loving. Got through about half the cup.
Felt a little stomach discomfort come lunch, so I didn't eat.
By 2:00pm, this had turned into halfway between uncomfortable and painful.
It got so my concentration was suffering a bit at work, my mind was on discomfort. Totally fucked up one slightly out of the way toilet.
Got through the day though...by the end I was like "thank fuck I can go home".

*Bring the pain*
Of course there's a shit scene involved here, but nothing you wouldn't expect.
When I got home...things got worse...
I couldn't eat, not that this was even remotely on my mind.
My stomach hurt. Towards the top, similar to when you eat a super hot chilli/pepper, though like, habenero+ level pain and pressure.
I felt tired.
Felt a bit bad, because I paid next to no attention to River.
My kidneys hurt. I had a headache. Slightly dizzy.
One of the worst symptoms though?
I was freezing. Like, to the bone, could not get warm.
Tried to drink a soy chai Anna made. Nope.
Had a super hot shower.
Actually tried to play bulimic while I was in there. Unsatisfactory result.
Anna had similar, though maybe not as bad symptoms as I did at the time, she was cooking some steak which incidentally would otherwise go bad ha.
When I got out again, I was freezing again. Shaking.
Then the smell hit me. A smell I usually like. But it kicked me in the gut.
It was all I could do to stay awake until River went to bed.
I passed out.
I slept at about 8:45pm for I think about 3 hours. Can't even remember taking any time to fall asleep at all.
I imagined a conversation, and I'm not sure with who. Perhaps a dream?
Anna told me she called a friend to go on standby to take me to hospital. Why?
Apparently my lips and face turned blue.
When I came around it was late at night...and my muscles, my arms, legs, my hidden abs, my shoulders...felt heavy like lead, and hurt like I'd been working out for about 48 hours. Every movement was pain.

We keep cranberry juice in the house for like urinary tract/kidney health so I drank some of that which slightly withdrew what felt like knives in my kidneys.
I think I had some "sleepytime" tea with no milk.

So my next couple of hours were like this.
Fitful, uncomfortable sleep from about half past midnight until 5am, where I woke, still uncomfortable, stomach sore like hell, feeling dazed.
More or less sleepwalked through the day. Can't remember too much.
Still had next to no appetite.
I calculated by the time I forced myself to at anything, it had been 29 hours since the apple.

Anyways, ended up taking today off work too. COULD HAVE probably went in, but to be honest I don't want to be sitting there uncomfortable all day.
I decided to rest.
Feel about 70% better.
So today I did a little light shopping. Went to the doctor and got a few meds.
Still fuck all appetite, but I *can* eat things now...I bought a bahn mi before which I usually love, couldn't even eat 1/4 of the thing.

That's my story.

My gut has a pretty amazing constitution, spicy foods, and some foods that might be considered a little iffy on shelf life...so, if this can happen to me...it'll happen to you too.
I should have known better with my background.
If it's a maybe? Just chuck it out. People can actually die. I'm so glad my kid didn't eat the bad chicken.
It is not worth the bullshit, seriously.
Very, very uncomfortable and painful condition to have.

Hope you enjoyed the read.
The door opened...you got in..:rolleyes:
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You probably should have gone to hospital
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They call it poisoning for a reason. I've had it a few times. The first time was in another country and I didn't know what was wrong with me. But because of that incident, I know the symptoms when I get it. Even the smallest hint of it. I know to immediately throw up and drink a lot of water. But because it's poisoning it will still take a while to fully clear your system.

Food poisoning is no joke. You hear about it a lot these days with that popular Mexican restaurant.
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