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Exclamation Friday the 13th - Part V: A New Beginning

< SPOILERS AHEAD > Okay, can somebody explain this movie to me? I don't get it. Like, it ended and I was like, "WTF?" Is Jason even actually IN it? Cause like. . .okay, so the DAD of the crazy youth who gets hacked up by the woodpile is supposedly the killer, but then. . .at the end. . .the non-Corey Feldman Corey Feldman charater suddenly has the Jason garb? I mean, to be honest, this is kind of a b.s. movie if in fact Jason isn't even in it. But maybe I missed something. I was really tired when I watched it. Anyway, I'm revisiting the entire franchise, and so far this is the worst one -- not even THE FINAL CHAPTER is as bad.

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This one sucked big donkey balls. It was so corny that corny lost its meaning when associated with it. Maybe it was insipired by Halloween III who knows...

The only ones I liked in the series were the one before and the one after, thats part IV: Final Chapter and part VI: Jason Lives, thats excluding the original and Freddy vs Jason of course.
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No, you haven't missed anything, this one really was only about someone disusing himself as Jason. Probably the worst of the series before the whole VII-X disgrace...
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Okay, but what about the VERY end (< SPOILER ALERT >) when non-Corey Feldman Corey Feldman is in that room and opens that drawer and finds Jason garb and then puts said costume on? Like, what was that about?
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That was to show that Corey will become the next Jason in part VI, if its made, and that Jason's spirit has entered his body or something.

Blah it sucked...THE worst part of the entire series IMO.
"If you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you." - Friedrich Nietzsche
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Friday the 13th 4 is a great flick. Part 5 is not great but it's still good.
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Originally posted by paws the great
Friday the 13th 4 is a great flick.
Yah, four kicks ass.
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I will be the first to admit these films dont stand the test of time the way that horror films such as TCM, Halloween,etc. do. The acting is pretty terrible, and they all really have a "dated" vibe(if that makes sense). History plays a role in making these films even "cheesier" than they had to be. They made too many, and most of them were absolutely unnecessary(part V, Part VII, part VIII, hell, and Jason X). So in retrospect, when watching these films, any believability has been thrown completely out the window, because you know he pretty much never really dies, and the filmmakers dont even really care at that point about keeping the story straight(the Halloween franchise suffered from this after IV as well).

I actually just watched parts II and III on youtube about a week ago, and it was not the same experience as it was when I had watched them years ago.

Back in the 80's-90's, if you asked me my favorites, I would have said II, III, VI, and probably VIII.

Now, I dont really have a favorite in this series, because it wore out its welcome in such a way that it pretty much ruined the franchise, and the "fondness" people used to have for it.
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"choice" varies .....as some of my friends like very much a movie named HIGH TENTION (:p ) but to me that movie totally sucked!!(:mad: )

In F13 series, I like the 2nd and 6th part along with the 1st one. I also enjoyed Freddy vs Jason a lot.
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I have to agree and say when i first saw friday the 13th (part 1) i thought it was one of the funniest! films i had ever seen.

My personal faves are between part 4 "The final Chapter" or part 6 "Jason Lives":

Part 4 becuase this was the first one i actually went to see at the cinema and part 6 as there is a very dry wit running through the film.

Part 3 (originally in 3D) was ok as it introduced the now iconic hockey mask.

Part 8 (Jason takes Manhattan) or at least he does for about 20 minutes was ok until the ending, which makes Part 9 (Jason goes to Hell) implausable, (however i read that the reason for part 9 and in particular the ending was the possibility of a cross-over for Freddy vs Jason) Part 10 Jason X came about because New Line Cinema (the owners of Freddy) did not have the rights to Friday the 13th, so was a simple fill in until the ownership was made.
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