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Originally Posted by Dara View Post
I saw The Devils Business last night -like kill list its a Brit flick which I found incredibly enjoyable -well worth a watch if youre a fan of old school horror such as hammer house of horror .Its a short film ,well executed and acted .The ending nearly had me doing little girly claps of glee !
I'll have to check this out-I adored Hammer House Of Horror :)

Black Magic Rites/The Reincarnation Of Isabel (1973). Pure eurotrash sexploitation film that is just too easy to take the piss out of it. It probably helped that I was very stoned while watching this as I found the incoherence of it all very comical same with the lame wooden acting. One irritating character miraculously survives and I think they let her survive out of pure spite (though she does get raped err kind of anyway). Though it's certainly violent, gory and typically weird as you expect from Italian horror. Not really one I'd recommend though
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