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Saw Kill List (2011) which I had extremely low expectations of due to some very scathing reviews of it that I had come across. It is a British film-a character study of a hitman and the lengths he would go to provide for his family. It's a film of substance that doesn't try to manipulate the viewer instead allowing the points to be made by the director to the viewer coming to their own conclusions with a tangible gritty realism that avoids all the trappings of conceited pretentiousness. The Cabin In The Woods did this too. The film does surprisingly move into horror territory in the last 20mins making this a definite horror film on many levels (you'll see what I mean if you see it). There is some brutal violence (iriitatingly overwarned about by film four after EVERY fucking ad break-it's sad that controversial films like this need to have these just in case people complain FFS) but the blood-spilled is quite sporadic so don't come into this expecting a gorefest. However there is enough here to keep the viewer hooked. A truly indispensable film :)
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