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dear god shoot me... name that film


So, long term horror fan. LOVE good terrifying flicks. Used to love vamp films until twilight ruined everything. Sparkling nonsense. Love pix that keep me guessing... I like stephan King's list... Horror... terror... then gross out, in that order. Not a slasher fan... or mindless goo... I love really intellectual pix or the campiest of camp.

so i got in the habit of downloading films... and running out of disc a space so i'd delete movies. Now I cannot for the LIFE OF ME remeember what this one movie was called... please help... it is driving me nuts.

don't know the actors... but plot... starts with a guy who seems to be pursued, he tries to steal a car in front of a diner and is seen so he runs off... he ends up at this hotel. A guy shows up wanting to "arrest" him or something like that... and the patrons need to decide who is the good guy... blah blah blah... turns out the guy was the solider at the foot f the cross during jesus's crucifixion... he collected some blood and that blood is magic... he hhas a vial of it but is running out. Demons pursue him.. I forget why other than the vial.. and there is a long seige of this hotel. The main demon is a sexy black guy, he charms many guests into believing he will let them go if they betray the lead character...

i dont want to spoil the ending... but it is a bit open to sequels that never happened as far as i know.

i thought it was not bad..

but not knowing the name is killing me
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