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Originally Posted by thesowismine View Post
"Maniac", '12: Truly twisted, one of the best endings ever; and who would have thought Frodo would make such a great serial killer?

LOVED The Conjuring, Mama, Evil Dead '13

Saw "Frankenstein's Army" and it stunk, which pissed me off because the premise could have made a great movie
"Maniac" was awesomely creepy I'm so glad to find someone who watched it since the movie has more of a cult following. I even did a tribute review about it on my blog. As for the Conjuring that's also awesome love the jewelry box scene. It's like The Babadook and Oculus which have a similar theme of a haunted house movie that's actually scary. The recent Evil Dead was pretty good too, I was surprised by how much blood they used.
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