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Originally Posted by The Villain View Post
I havent seen either of The Straw Dogs movies and i really have no desire to. If the thing people talk about the most in a movie is a rape scene, thats not really a movie im dieing to see. By the way that's not a dig at you Roshiq. Pretty much everyone i've ever heard talk about the movie mentions the rape scene.
that's weirdly funny of you, man. Before drawing any conclusion, you need to see that movie (original one) to understand the point why 'people' are like to talk about that particular scene, IMO. Rape was never been so much 'horrifyingly exciting or excitingly horrifying' on the screen before!

Moreover, it's just not about that scene only...the whole story/film delivers far more than that, you should check it out at least for the performance of the cast...particularly it's Hoffman's one of the best ever.
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