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Mother murders "possessed" daughter, forcing crucifix down throat!

OKLAHOMA CITY - Juanita Gomez, 49, of Oklahoma City stands accused of First-Degree Murder in the death of her 33-year-old daughter, Geneva.

Court documents just released Monday afternoon reveal the horror officers encountered when they arrived to the home Saturday afternoon. They state police found Geneva lying in the home with a large crucifix upon her chest and that she had severe trauma around her head and face.

The affidavit states Gomez told investigators her daughter was possessed by the devil - and that she admitted to punching her daughter repeatedly and forcing a crucifix and religious medallion down her throat.

It states Gomez had very swollen hands and that she told investigators those bruises were from her daughter “fighting her attempts to rid Satan” from her daughter's body.

Court papers also state Gomez saw her daughter die and then placed her body in the shape of a cross. Now Gomez remains locked up in jail, while her family deals with the devastating aftermath.

Gomez had this to say as she was led by a deputy back to jail following her video arraignment:

“Thank you very much,” said Gomez. “Namaste. You believe in God? I do! Thank you judge!”

I command by the power of Christ and the Gospel for this evil spirit that is inside this man or woman to come forward now and to face the judgment of God.
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