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Opening credits role. The scene where the two stations collide replays. Cut to the control room of Massacre Man's ship, the AM05. It's pitch black in there. A few wires hanging loose from the ceiling are making the occasional spark. A light in the corner flickers on and off.

Massacre Man: Argh...what the?

Woman: Sir...sir.

Massacre Man: What happened?

Woman: We collided with AM03...

Massacre Man: Oh...oh yes. Oh crap...FUCK!

Woman: Sir...I think I need help.

Massacre Man: Where are you? What's wrong?

Woman: I can't feel my legs...

The light stays on for a couple of seconds. Massacre Man sees the woman. Her legs have been cut off by something in the crash, and are about two feet from her.

Woman: Oh Please. Please no, I can't take this.

Massacre Man: Listen, you are going to die. I won't lie to you.

She begins sobbing.

Massacre Man: But there is a way in which you can die a hero...

Woman: What is it?

Massacre Man: There's a button near you. It's a button to be used only in emergencies. Press it, and it will send a signal out. A distress call.

Woman: Where abouts?

Massacre Man: To your right. Under the engine stabilizer control desk.

Woman: I've never heard of this button.

Massacre Man: This isn't really the fucking time, is it? It's within arms length of you. There's a small hatch. Press it in and it will open. The button is then revealed.

Woman: Okay...but why can't you do it?

He doesn't answer. In the flashing white light, he sees her stretch out her arm. She feels around for a few seconds, then presses something. She presses in that area again. Suddenly, sparks fly from under the desk and her now dead, electrocuted body shoots along the floor.

Massacre Man: Because there is no button there...

Another voice sounds. It's the man who was at a control desk. He is behind two other bodies.

Man: Getting her to kill herself on the broken panel so she would feel less pain...that was kind sir.

Massacre Man: She died thinking she was a hero. It's the best I could do for her. Is anyone else alive?

Man: I don't think so...Mr. Festered and Miss. Nella are here. They've voided their bowels too.

Massacre Man stands up, slowly.

Man: I'm under some metal, can you help me up?

Massacre Man starts limping towards him. The flashes of light are more inconsistent now. Just as Massacre Man gets close, in a moment of darkness, there is a slight squealing sound and the man disappears. In the moments of darkness, other bodies start disappearing too.

Massacre Man: Shit.

Suddenly, something grabs him from the ceiling and pulls him up in a flash. Fade to a bright white light. The light dims slightly and Chronogrl appears, floating. She looks unconscious. A deep but whispering voice wakes her up.

Voice: Chronogrl.

She looks around. All she can see is white. She's dressed in an ice white gown and her her has become silver.

Chronogrl: You're back.

Voice: Yes. I have returned to continue my work...

Chronogrl: So I felt. You are clearly considerably weaker.

Voice: Traveling to my home land drained me. Returning sapped even more of my strength.

Chronogrl: Why are you here?

Voice: The human race has stood still for too long. Progression is needed. Secundum must come to pass.

Chronogrl: Yes. It must.

Voice: You will return to them now. And ensure that Secundum happens. In all forms.

Chronogrl: What do you mean? I cannot return. You promised. YOU PROMISED!

Voice: Ensure the safety of the Secundum. At all costs.

Chronogrl: YOU PROMISED!

Suddenly, the light fades. She is engulfed in darkess. Suddenly, she appears back on the station, in the restaurant. Blood is everywhere, over everything. Bodies litter the floor. Chronogrl's hair is still silver, but the gown has disappeared. The camera carefully does not reveal too much. She looks at a dead body of a young woman. She quickly puts on the clothes. Green shorts, a white t-shirt and a brown, jacket.
Chronogrl runs to a sharp, long piece of metal and wraps some material from another person's shirt around it, like a handle. She holds is as if it were a sword. She's glaring, breathing heavily.

Chronogrl: I waited long, it's Chronogrl's game!

Ending credits role.

The Ferrets like it...
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