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Compliance (2012)

I understand a "good" prank call may often works on people & sometimes the most sensible & intelligent ones just lose their common senses & started to act like an idiot or does stupid things and so, though the film is based on the true case of McDonald's Mount Washington-Kentucky, strip search prank call incident but it still turns out to be quite an annoying experience to see people acting like morons resulting a severe sexual harassment/rape of a young female employee in a restaurant. Even if they kept the prank call as a 'twist' in the film from the beginning it still won't work for the viewers I think; it'd become predictable & it'd take hardly 10 to 15 minutes after the call came to guess it as a prank call while in the film/actual event it took a whole day to figure out. May be it's easy for me to say as I haven't face this sort of situation but still how could you grant a command/order/request/demand through a phone call from whoever told you to do so from the other end that you need to strip search somebody for some charges?! It's a delicate job & only must done by the authorized law enforcement or security personnel.

Therefore, though it happened in actual events & the actors did a good job (may be there was a problem in the script or adapting the whole thing for a film, I'm not sure), but sorry to say, I found the film finely made, still somewhat an annoying & ridiculous watch.

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