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Prometheus: Total shower of shit.... I think this one got lost somewhere up its own asshole at around the 10 minuite mark. The dialogue was a fuckin joke the character development was piss poor. For the most part I didnt understand any of the characters motivation or more importantly why I was supposed to give a fuck. It really felt like an exercise in how not to make a film. As a horror fan I'm kinda use to cheesy dialouge and characters doing dumb shit but really, this was just total horse shit.

I really wish Ridley would've listened to one of the many bullshit lines that came out of this movie and thrown this one in the bin: "Sometimes you have to destroy in order to create".

How could they have made this movie better? Easy! Opening scene where Weyland turns up and explains whats going on, midway through that scene he pulls out a sports almanac and waves it at the crew; "You see this book? This book tells the future. Tells the results of every major sports event till the end of this century..."
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