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Horror & Exploitation art prints for sale (signed & numbered, very limited!)

A friend and myself have been doing horror and exploitation film shows on and off for the last 10 years or so in the Raleigh-Durham area, and this past August we started a new monthly exploitation film series called "Cinema Overdrive". We run lots of gonzo, nutzoid films on the second Wednesday of each month, and you can check out our web site here:

Anyway, after about the 3rd show I was approached by a couple of local artists who had been coming regularly, and asked if they could design advertising posters for our shows. I told them we were strictly a grass roots, DIY project and I just couldn't afford to get into that. Once we pay for the print licenses, theater rental and such, we're lucky just to break even (which is fine, honestly). Turns out they loved the films and believed in the project so much, they agreed to create all of the artwork themselves, and if we sold it at the show they would keep enough to cover their costs, and pitch some our way to keep the series running. Since it couldn't hurt to give it a try, I figured why not.

Well, so far the posters they've created for us have just been terrific! Each of these is 100% HAND SILK SCREENED, SIGNED & NUMBERED BY THE ARTIST. Each print is 100% handmade and unique, and nothing comes from a laser printer or anything of that nature. These are awesome!

Here's what we've had so far:

THE MONSTER SQUAD (12.5" x 19", signed and numbered, limited to 50 prints- $15 each)

VICE SQUAD (12.5" x 19", signed & numbered, limited to only 25 prints- $15 each)

LADY TERMINATOR (12.5" x 19", signed & numbered, limited to 30 prints- $15 each)

SWITCHBLADE SISTERS (11.75" x 18"-signed & numbered, limited to 50 prints- $15 each)

CUT THROATS NINE (12.5" x 19", signed & numbered, limited to 25 prints- $15 each)

Each poster is only $15.00 each plus shipping. On our web site they're listed at $23.00 each, but that includes priority mail shipping in a sturdy, oversized mailer. However, if you see any you're interested in simply email me at:

and I'll be happy to help you out AND offer consolidated shipping for orders of more than one print (the web site presently doesn't offer that, but it is coming soon).

Many of these are almost completely sold out (less that 5 copies available, if that) and a few we've already done have completely sold out. We have a couple of extremely cool posters coming in the future, so if you'd like to be kept up to date on our artwork shoot me your email address and I'll be glad to add you to our mailing list also. We simply create these posters to advertise our shows and to keep the shows going. So any poster you purchase will not only be a beautiful and limited collectible, but you'll be supporting the true DIY spirit as well. We do this simply because we love these movies, and we hope you do as well.

Thanks for looking!
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