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Originally Posted by idoneus1957 View Post
That movie wasn't really about vampires. It was about shooting people and blowing things up.
Same with From dusk till dawn.
Originally Posted by LuvablePsycho View Post
Yeah I can't stand those kinds of movies just like I can't stand The Terminator or Predator.

I don't feel like horror and action mixes well together but that's just my opinion.

I especially can't stand it when the "heroes" hurt innocent people like all those cops in Terminator 2 who were just doing their jobs. I mean for all they knew Sarah Connor was a violent psycho bitch and the "good" Terminator was a dangerous criminal who massacered an entire police station in the first movie. They didn't know that the world was going to end.
Hate to say it, but I didn't care for Carpenter's Vampires and From Dusk till Dawn. I was often entertained with Dusk, but as a whole movie, not satisfying.

At for Terminator, weren't Reese, Sarah and the Chief good enough folks for ya? They didn't hurt any innocent people.

Terminator 2, yeah, Sarah was going to do anything, nonlethal to get out, save her son and the world from literally annihilation. And she was going to kill the tech researcher, but didn't, which was a key aspect of the movie. There was plenty of wanton violence and killing, which in general might not be your cup of tea, but also throughout the entire film the son forced the Terminator to never take a human life... that's got to have some real cred, right?

Predator, I have to admit, as I only saw it once a long time ago, I don't recall if it was trashy, I just remember the last quarter got really interesting.

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