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What the shit?!?

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HALLOWEEN ?Returns? 2018

So...are we looking forward to this?

Unlike a lot of people...I actually found most of the numbered Myers-related sequels past 2 pretty bland, in fact I barely got through them.
I found H20 refreshing (too easy).

I really REALLY loathed Resurrection, not only for how it pissed all over Laurie but the whole concept...reality tv? Busta Rhymes? Horrible cast, pacing, no my mind gave Jason X a run for it's money.

So slate is wiped clean after the original film, and this much time has passed?
Carpenter states the way he's aiming is that it'll be the scariest installment, so that'll be a thing to see assuming he can pull it off.

I kind of like the idea here...time will tell if this will be considered by the fandom to be the "true" timeline contender, or not.

Apparently he'll have a "new" mask. What's the deal there?
I guess they'll have to get Shatner in again eh? Ha, current Shatner face.

So, who's going to see it?

The door got in..:rolleyes:
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