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Originally Posted by Repo'd View Post
Aww, come on man. Don't be so dramatic. Stick around. You are well liked by a lot of people here, myself included.
I just think you could have made your point more effectively had you simply told him he didn't need to be sarcastic. Adding prick to that sentence seems like you let your personal feelings get in the way of giving him a fair criticism. It's just my opinion and I think it's valid. Asking someone to be respectful and then calling them a sarcastic prick , or saying they are being a sarcastic prick is counterproductive, and yes, in my opinion hypocritical.
We all have shit to deal with in life and this place is supposed to be a diversion from all that. Hang out, Villain. This is just a bump in the road.
Fair enough. I could've stated that better. Been dealing with a lot of stress and my wife's health issues so I've been on edge. Let's just put this behind us.

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