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My Hammer sculptures

Hi. Last time I was here I was asking about photos for a sculpture I was going to do. This was 2010!
I was asking about Twins of Evil photo reference for a sculpture. Well I havent done a TofE sculpture yet-but I did do some other Hammer themed sculptures.

Here's what I have been doing.

A screaming Dracula (I do a blank face portrait first and then alter it into the expression)

Thumb resize.

Michael Ripper

Thumb resize.

Just completed a new Peter Cushing (couldnt get the likeness right)
Thumb resize.

Patrick Troughton (will eventually be a Klove and Rat Catcher)
Thumb resize.

With friends:

Thumb resize.

I also make a copy for my "wall of faces."
Thumb resize.

More to come (hopefully it will be a lot sooner than 6 years).
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