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Two days have passed since any signs of the symbiotes have been seen but the darkness still surrounds the entire planet. At SHIELD headquarters a larger team has been assembled to fight the oncoming attack. Iron Man, Captain America, Spiderman, Bruce Banner, Superman, Green Lantern, The Flash, Green Arrow, and now Batman have assembled. The team have been trying to devise a plan to stop the symbiotes before they have a chance to hurt anyone.

Suddenly Lex Luthor appears as he too wants to help. The team are a bit weary to trust him but have no other choice. Luthor tells them what happened at his lab and the only logical idea they can come up with is to somehow once again draw the symbiotes to Doomsday, but there are millions of symbiotes and Doomsday cannot be bargained with. This is when Venom appears and offers too help. He says if somehow he, who also attracts the symbiotes could get them all to chase him and Doomsday they could lead them all into a trap but the only thing powerful enough to destroy them all is the sun. Venom is also not strong enough to fight Doomsday on his own and no one even knows where he is. Superman steps forward and volunteers to draw Doomsday out. Lex Luthor then offers the suggestion of a suit for Venom to wear that will allow him to travel through space and be able to match strength with Doomsday long enough to shift the two of them towards the sun. It is then Venom realizes he probably won't be coming back.

Lex Luthor begins working on the suit with the aid of Tony Stark. It is completed in only a few short days. The team go over the mission several times and even develope solutions for potential problems that might occur.

On the eve of battle the team gather at SHIELD headquarters waiting for the worst to come and it does! The entire Earth begins to shake causing massive earthquakes and tsunamis world wide. The black sky begins to pour rain along with massive amounts of thunder and lightning. This is it. This is the moment of truth.

To Be Concluded...
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