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Video footage filmed by onlookers of the recent incident outside SHIELD headquarters quickly begins spreading on the internet and news stations around the world as well as a video clip filmed by an unknown person of Superman saving Spiderman from falling to his death. The footage also shows the mysterious darkness filling the sky as he lost conciousness and fell.

News of the incidents reach Gotham City where Bruce Wayne watches on television while having his breakfast. Like everyone else, he is confused and intrigued by the events of the evening before. Also watching is Lex Luthor who is pleased to say the least in thinking Superman was killed. Hew knew of the symbiotes and knew they would consume Superman and drain every ounce of life from Superman, but that wasn't enough for him. Lex Luthor wanted this power.

Back at SHIELD headquarters, the survivors tried to make sense out of what had just happened. Bruce Banner explained what the symbiotes were but could not offer much more as no one knew much about them. "Who were those first two symbiotes?" Iron Man poses when suddenly Green Lantern appears. He introduces himself to those who do not know him and explains who they were and the team begin to put together they suffered the same fate as Superman. Spiderman has now arrived as well. Green Lantern tells them of Doomsday and how he is from Krypton like Superman.

Spiderman links his black out to the symbiotes but cannot figure out why it happened when Bruce Banner posed to him the possibility of a link between when he wore the black suit and was one of them.

Meanwhile in Metropolis, Lex Luthor is doing more research on the symbiotes as well as Venom. He orders Venom to be found and captured if needed so he can run tests on the symbiote and try to learn as much as he can.

Elsewhere in Metropolis, Clark Kent wakes up in his bed unable to remember anything from the night before other than rain and darkness. He goes to work as if nothing had happened. When he arrives he cannot escape seeing what everyone else has already seen. There on the front page of the Daily Planet are pictures of Superman fighting with and then consumed by the symbiote. This confuses Clark as he doesnt remember any of it.

Bruce Wayne appears at his office to talk to him. He asks what he remembers and Clark tells him it was all a blur and he remembers nothing. Bruce offers to help Clark but Clark snaps at Bruce and sends him away.

Back at SHIELD, the team have been able to enhance satelite footage of Doomsday who appeared to be covered in several of the symbiotes as he flew to Earth. Bruce Banner beleives they were somehow drawn to Doomsday but unable to consume him and use him as a host. Green Lantern explains the possibility that he might have been too strong for them.

Suddenly Doomsday appears again at the building and it is Green Lantern who he goes after first. GL uses his ring to form a cage around DD but he breaks right through it. Captain America tries to assist but is just thrown off like he was nothing. Iron Man flies in and begins struggling with him but is also tossed away. Doomsday turns his attention to Banner. Bruce begins backing away. Iron Man is hurt but still concious and is able to utters "save us you idiot!" and just like that the Hulk comes out to play. He charges Doomsday and the two rip through the walls and outside. Hulk is latched on repeatedly headbutting Doomsday as he flies trying to free himself. Hulk continues to beat on DD until he finally breaks free and flies off again appearing to be hurt and heading straight up towards space.

The others run to Hulk's aid as he begins to calm himself and turns back into Banner.

To Be Continued...
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