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Hello all,

My name is Zachary Byron Helm, I registered here because although I've been making underground films for a few years I am now starting to make horror/comedy films and figured it was a good idea to get active in the community if I want to make something of the films.

I love horror and zombie movies but can't stand Romero (Yes, he was an innovator of the genre but just because you were one of the first doesn't make you the best) and I really loved the reboot of Dawn of the Dead. A lot of people find that apocryphal but it's an extremely well paced movie, the dialogue is great and all around it was awesome. Hobo with a Shotgun, while not technically horror is a close second and Human Centipede put me to sleep.

In general I think horror flicks have lost what made them good in the 80's, namely too much concern for the MPAA ratings and a lack of boobs. Seriously, I loved 80's horror flicks because you were ALWAYS guaranteed at least a glimpse of some knockers somewhere in the film and in the days before the internet I'd take ANYTHING I could get.

I made a few films that went viral, Emo Assault Squadron (a parody of cops where we hunted down Emo kids) and The Legend of Zelda, a Pain in my Ass, both of which you can find on Youtube if you're interested or on my film site which is in my profile info.

A few personal things about me, this is me:

This is my car, yes it really shoots flames, no it's not TECHNICALLY illegal. It was influenced by Mad Max and the lead singer of Information Society's car.

A few stills from my new film Death Hearse on Satan's Titty Highway

Yes, I realize boobs don't make a great horror movie alone...but they never hurt your chances, plus if nothing else, even if the film bombs I at least spent my time surrounded by half naked women.

This really won't make much sense out of context of the movie but I still love the picture.

Death Hearse itself, some of the blood overflow from the first night of filming. It was about 25 degrees outside and all the girls were covered in the fabulousness that is crappy homemade blood. It's a miracle anyone shows up for a second shooting of some of my films.
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