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The first` day of winter

I can't seem to find the writers page which I am sure used to exist, so I'm posting this here. I'm just trying to kick my self into being more productive.

I look outside and see a pile of shit on the footpath, a girl stops to pick it up with her hand that is covered in a plastic bag, her staffy on a restraining lead in the other. The shit warms her hand and she caresses it until she comes across a garbage bin. She walks straight by it squeezing the warm dog shit in the below freezing weather, she passes a second garbage bin, now the shit is starting to melt through the bag due to the stiffness of the plastic and the heat of the feces.

She finally comes to a third bin and disposes of it before it gets on her hands.

To be honest there is not one bin on my street, she walked a good few blocks with that turd in her paw.

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