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Originally Posted by Dead Bad Things View Post
Yeah well...showbiz is a sleazy industry ya know.....that kinda thing sure tarnishes our icons, but I'll still celebrate their works.

Birds was real formative in in my love fer horror....saw it fer the first time from the back seat of a car at a drive in movie theater..was a double feature R.S.'s Alien and A.H.'s The Birds...that scene were the lady gets her eyes pecked out.. messed me up in a good way....think I mighta been seven 'er eight at the time.

So the other day I saw this documentary on Funk and they was sayin' 'bout havin' a hall of fame put up....well this got me thinkin'.....Horror Hall of Fame!
Saw on YT that Robert Englund did a show in the early 90's...
categories could include things like books, authors, films ,actors , directors...
gotta mull that one over a bit...
Totally agree, can still appreciate the work of the artist that isn't perfect, to whatever the unpleasant extent. And anyway, individuals don't make films, teams do. Dial M for Murder is still my favorite Hitchcock film. Did you ever see "Rope"? That's a very cool Hitch film too. I consider both of them horror.

I was about the same age when I saw The Birds on TV, and the missing pecked out eyes had a huge effect on me too.

A Horror Hall of Fame 'museum' and awards show is an excellent idea. Right now the highest honor in horror film is probably the Saturn Awards for Horror film. But ya, there's so many other categories in books, graphic novel and music, and you'd have to be thinking horror icons too.

I love story telling (one live speaker telling a story to an audience). Ever go to a story telling event? There should be an award for best horror story telling too.

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