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I thought about both Forrest Gump and Event Horizon and Forrest Gump would have definitely been in my top 50 and Event Horizon most likely would have as well. I would honestly love to have went to 100 but my brain already has enough shit to process at the moment. I will say when I was making this list so I realized how overrated and over played I always looked at Pulp Fiction. Reservoir Dogs is a much better and consistent story and so is Jackie Brown. True Romance is a very, very underrated movie that Quentin Tarantino wrote and it has a lot of great actors playing practically every role in the film. Take all the amazing actors out of Pulp fiction and I feel like it would have nowhere near as much success as it has had. With that said, if I had went to 50 there would be more Darren Aronofsky. With the exception of Noah, he has a pretty nice catalog under his belt.
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