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A list of horror movies I can think of where children died:


Night of the Living Dead (The Cooper's daughter becoming a zombie)
Dawn of the Dead original (the two little boy zombies locked in the gas station bathroom)
Dawn of the Dead remake (the little girl next door who became a zombie and the unborn baby who also became a zombie)
Land of the Dead (the little boy zombie in a suit)
Diary of the Dead (the one girl's little brother who became a zombie)
28 Days Later (the infected little boy in the restaurant who gets killed by the main character and the dead baby being held by a dead woman on the floor)
Hell of the Living Dead (the little boy with the bickering parents who became a zombie)
Night of the Comet (the little boy zombie in the one character's house)
The Return of the Living Dead: Necropolis (the one character's little brother who gets eaten)
Resident Evil Apocalypse (the little kid zombies in the school)
Children of the Corn movies (in every movie there is always a kid getting killed though most of them are evil).
Village of the Damned (all the evil kids eventually get killed in the end)
The Shining (the twin little girl ghosts who were chopped to death by their father)
The Ring (Samara herself was the ghost of a little girl murdered by her parents)
Ju-On/The Grudge (Toshio was the ghost of Kayako's little boy who was murdered by his father along with his mother)
Jeepers Creepers 2 (a young boy gets snatched away and killed at the start of the movie)
IT (Pennywise the Clown kills and eats a lot of young children)
A Nightmare on Elm Street (Freddy was a child serial killer and the little girls who appear in nightmares are implied to be some of his younger victims)
Pumpkinhead (the main character's son accidentally gets killed by racing teenagers)

But yeah, you guys see what I mean about how kids always die in zombie movies? Lol!

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