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One child's death I don't think I see mentioned here is Karen Cooper's in Night of the Living Dead. She dies and becomes a zombie. Also, we see her zombie form get shot in the remake.

Then, in the Dawn of the Dead remake, we see that the little girl, Vivian, has become a zombie. In addition, there's the zombie baby.

Other child deaths I don't think anyone's mentioned yet are -

- Robin (the little girl in Prom Night who is scared so bad by an older group of kids that she falls out a window - prompting her twin brother to go on a killing spree 10 years later)

- The children in Village of the Damned (both versions have them blown up by a bomb) and the original's sequel, Children of the Damned. Granted these children were aliens and had killed people, but in the sequel, they aren't completely evil.

- Ralphie Glick (from Salem's Lot) is the vampire Barlow's first victim (and first turned) and Ralphie goes on to kill and turn his brother, Danny. (If you think about it, King's books and movies include a lot of children dying or going through terrible things...

- It
- Silver Bullet (the kid flying his kite)

- Newt (from Aliens) is found dead in the very beginning of Alien 3 and she is autopsied.

- Eddie in The Blob remake
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