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Hmm, this is something I think about every once in awhile since I'm trying to write in the horror genre, so I'll try to give Lemmel a somewhat serious answer to the question, though I suspect it's a topic that's been discussed here before.

For me, it's all about the suspension of reality. For a movie or story to scare someone, it needs to trigger the instinctual flight or fight response, thus if we are able to get drawn into a movie to the point that our subconscious is willing to suspend reality then one's ability to be "scared" increases.

This is one of the reasons that I find the found footage genre so compelling and more scary than traditional modern horror movies, because to me, they are more believable, are more likely to induce us to suspend our realities, and try to convince us that the situations in the movie could actually happen.

Hope that helps and would love to see your project when it's finished.
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