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25. Dog Soldiers

A group of british squaddies are sent to the Scottish Highlands for a training exercise, unknowingly used as bait for a special ops unit to capture a werewolf.
This is what the modern British horror is all about. A pacy plot, solid script with plenty of humour and stand up performances. A special note goes to Sean Pertwee for his excellent delivery of the Devil's tattoo story. This really is a top quality film, proving that low budget doesn't necessarily mean cheap. A must see! - scouse mac

24. Scream

Ah Scream, where to begin? This movie has it all: Blood, jumps, suspense, good music, great acting all around, funny and interesting characters, and to top it all off, the movie is laced with an uncopyable humor found only in Scream itself. An instant classic in my book, this film won me over by how it made fun of itself, and the genre, in a way that other horror films could not... It made the movie better! With everything mentioned above, some great cameos from Linda Blair and Craven himself... and Neve Campbell, i'd say you wasted a good 2 minutes reading when you could be into the infamous opening scene! - Posher778

23. Jaws

Roy Scheider plays NYC cop, Martin Brody who enters his first summer as Chief of Police on Amity Island. Everything is going 'swimmingly' until the remains of girl washes up on shore. Brody battles the town's mayor to label it a shark attack and in the mean time the body count rises. Enter - Matt Hoper (Richard Dreyfuss) and Quint (Robert Shaw), joining Brody in a 'motley crew' of a fishing carter, given the task of hunting down and killing the 'rogue' shark. With great performances from the three actors and ambitious directing from a 26-year old Steven Spielberg, Jaws is an entertaining thriller from start to finish. - tarcher80

22. American Psycho

This movie was a random find for me, and I had no prior expectations before watching it. It blew me away with the superb acting job by Christian Bale in the role that I will forever remember him for. Before he was Batman, he was Bateman, and it was the most believable acting job I have ever seen. With a combination of 80's pop music and naked chainsaw hooker murdering, this movie rejuvenated my love of the horror genre. - orangestar

21. Audition

Not just a horror film, but a study of gender relations in modern Japan, Audition is Takashi Miike's crowning achievement. The tension slowly and surely builds to the incredibly shocking ending. Throughout the film, Miike subtly indicates that something is not right about Asami, but nothing can prepare the viewer for just how wrong things become. Asami is, in fact, one of the most terrifying figures of modern cinema, a seemingly perfect lover who is slowly revealed to be a monster of pure hatred and pain. Audition is a brilliant film, one of the few true masterpieces of modern Asian filmmaking. - noctuary

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