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30. Friday the 13th

well, this is obviously it. the one that started it all. that is reason enough for this to be required viewing, and maybe ownership, by anyone proclaiming to be a horror fan.
like lots of movies, I like the way this one looks because it doesn't look like anything being made today. maybe I have been duped into believing that anything old is automatically better, but it doesn't matter because for one reason or another, I think this movie is awesome. from the poster art (the outline of the killer with the kids walking through the woods), to the costumes, to the murder methods.... it's all good.
I don't want to spoil anything, but the mystery involved in this is like in Psycho... everyone knows the end (it's embedded in pop culture, unfortunately) but somehow it is still surprising. - knife_fight

29. Saw

What a movie! Never have I been so mind-boggled before! Saw may not be a movie that you watch over and over again (I've still only watched it once), but damn is it excellent! There was not a minute that passed by that I was questioning who the serial killer (though, since he never killed anybody, he can't be convicted of this) was. And, when the killer was revealed (don't worry, Im not giving away the ending), I never even thought of that person to be the prime suspect. And, I have to hand it to Cary Elwes for his terrific performance (even if tons of people disagree with me on that)! Saw is, in my opinion, one of the few excellent horror movies of the '00s! - Yellow Jacket

28. Kairo (Pulse)

Possibly the best of the modern horror movies, certainly one of the best horror movies period. Kurosawa has a talent for direction that nigh lives up to his namesake. The use of light and the layering of the screen from foreground to background is staggaring, especially when compared to the generic 'suddenly there's a monster right in front of the camera' style of horror filmmaking. - the STE

27. In the Mouth of Madness

Insurance investigator Sam Neill is asked to find a missing top-selling horror author who appears to be driving his fans to insanity with his writings.
Its difficult to fully explain whats going on in this film, its much easier to watch and enjoy, and enjoy you certainly will! Sam Neill is excellent and Jurgen Prochnow provides ample support in this deranged but wonderfully unique film. - scouse mac

26. Dead Alive aka Braindead

Before there was the multi-billion dollar juggernaut that is the Lord of the Rings trilogy, the man whom they call 'Peter Jackson' directed this horror favorite. So over-the-top in the gore category it just has to be seen to be believed, Dead Alive has earned a place in the heart of horror fans old and young alike. - The Flayed One

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