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45. Aliens

Considered by some to be better than the first, Aliens picks up where Alien left off. Ellen Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) is thrown right back into the thick of things as she is talked into investigating a colonized planet after communication is severed. Accompanied by a rough and ready group of soldiers and stoic droid, Bishop (Lance Henriksen) Ripley comes to find the colony has been wiped out by the very thing she tried so desperately to flee in the 1st installment. Guns fire, explosions go off, acid blood flows as Ripley and her team fights off the pursing aliens. Weaver turns in an even better performance as Ripley. And Director, James Cameron does the Ridley Scott film justice in a sequel that keeps you gripping the arms on you chair. - tarcher80

44. 28 Days Later

Danny Boyle has been a favorite director of mine ever since I saw Shallow Grave nearly ten years ago so when I learned he had a horror movie coming out, I was stoked! And in my opinion, Boyle doesn't disappoint here in this artistic infection/zombie thriller. It's a bit slowmoving in the start, but the artistry of some of the scenes should keep your mind off of that until the action starts rolling. The gore is kept fairly minimal but that does not stop this film from being an entertaining and fresh take on a genre that's been overdone to death. - bwind22

43. Re-animator

This must be the first film I saw with endless gore all the way through the film in the 80's, and man did I love it.
Right from the opening titles with the very cheesily done eyelid effect on the anatomical drawing you can just tell the film is going to be good, and you are not disappointed. After the opening sequence of Herbert's experiments going slightly wrong in Germany, we follow him to the States where he only has one thing on his mind, perfecting his day-glow green reanimation serum, and no-one is going to get in his way. Herbert West is played expertly well by Jeffrey Combs in his best role ever. His arch rival, Dr Hill is also played well by David Gale, the rest of the cast can be a bit wooden at times but not enough to detract from the film. The effects are well executed and fit the comedy of the film perfectly. There are some points where the film nearly slips a bit too far into bad taste, especially the scene with Dr Hill and Meg in the morgue, but it's reined it at the right time so just adds to the whole humour of the film.
If you haven't seen this yet, WTF, go get it now. - Yeti.13

42. Event Horizon

Nothing highbrow here, Event Horizon is a simple, but very effective "haunted house in space" film. Taking the basic premise of Alien and other such movies and giving it an occult twist, Event Horizon shows us one of the most disturbing visions of hell seen in film. Unfortunately, director Paul W.S. Anderson was forced to compromise his film in order to obtain an R rating, and thus the torture/hell scenes are somewhat watered down. However, this does not seriously detract from the film. It's still great fun and quite spooky. Event Horizon has great performances all around (especially from Neill and Fishburne) and beautiful space effects shots. A very underrated film. - noctuary

41. Ju-On

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